Friday, June 7, 2013

Americana Ruffle Skirts + Giveaway :)

So we are on the 5 week count down on "mirena" baby. I hope in the next 5 weeks it finally hits me that we are going to be parents again. You would think these 8 months would have prepared me better, but even with just a few weeks to go, I am still in shock that we are embarking on a 3rd baby! Also, we still don't have a name.... She may end up being called Mirena in the end! (calm down, just kidding)

My pinterest boards are getting a little out of hand. I do try and mark everything I make under my Chrissy Couture board, but I still have a ton on the "want to do" list. A few weeks (month,...months?) ago, I saw this pin on pinterest.

It is the most adorable ruffle skirt. I knew immediately it would probably be too difficult but I clicked on into it and read the Mama Says Sew blog. She gives a full tutorial on how to make them. I don't know if it is really just super easy, or she did a great job explaining it, but I after I read it I thought, "hey, I can make these!" I knew I had some sort of patriotic scraps of material from a Goodwill outlet trip that I could use so I embarked on trying it out. (and really any 2-3 cohesive fabrics would be awesome, but who doesn't love a little red, white and blue?)

My first one here, turned out beautifully. I altered what she did slightly as I didn't have the same fabric she had.

Unfortunately, I still make things a little small. It was supposed to be roughly a size 2, based on a skirt Miss O already owns, but I guess one day I will learn how to correctly measure based on seam allowance. I love the colors and how it turned out. Problem is, it is a 18-24 month comfortably, so it doesn't even fit my little one.

I tried a second one here, (not even using her instructions this time, because let me tell ya, its pretty easy!) and it fits her perfect! Its about a size 2t-3t given the elastic stretch. Its hard to see in the picture but the side ruffles cascade so pretty. Probably because it is cream colored and hard to see.

I also noticed that the first one is more straight and longer and the second is more flared and round. It all really depends on how you cut your fabric strips to begin with. The only thing I found was I originally made my ruffles for my first skirt kind of small and then I was thinking..."I will never finish this skirt with all these tiny ruffles" so I doubled them and it was the perfect size. Then, it didn't take nearly as long.

Where are the pictures of my little one in these adorable skirts?

Well...... See the first one doesn't fit her (which is my favorite of the 2) and to be honest, I am really not a skirt lover on little little girls because then I have to match a top. Dresses are easier. haha. Less thinking, less time....its much easier for this momma. So since she really didn't have anything to match up the 2nd skirt to, and I had no scrap left to try and make something that matched, all you have is the finished product pictures.

Would you like one?

Comment below telling me which one you like and you could win it! Giveaway starts today June 7th and a winner will be chosen on June 12th.

Until next time....

Keep Calm and Ruffle up a skirt.......