Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hair Plopping

So when I spoke to my best friend about doing a hair plop tutorial, and showed her the pictures, she couldnt believe I was going to post such goofy pictures of myself. I on the other hand with my excellent self esteem can handle the goofiness. It is who I am so lets get on with it....

Hair Plopping. What is it? Its a technique used to help wavy/curly hair hold its curl. It is also super easy to do.

First, Here are some pictures of my hair on a "normal" day. No plopping here....just my normal flat hair with a curling ironed ends if I felt like it. And yes I'm Goofy and I know it.


Here is my hair normally after a shower. Mainly straight, a little wave.

This was before my comb through. This is straight after removing the towel from my head. So I combed my hair through and put some mousse in it. This was pretty normal if I were to try and leave it wet to air dry, but I don't do that anymore since I learned to plop. Put a good amount of product on your hair. I also give it a few sprays of my favoriate Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Spray and I am ready to plop.

So what do you need in order to Plop your hair? Your husbands or a Large/XL tee shirt. A T-shirt? Why a T-shirt? Well the cotton fibers of the shirt allow it to breathe better than a towel. Take your shirt and lay in on the bed with the sleeves facing you.

Now, flip your head over and I mean all the way over. Gather hair gently as to not pull or stretch any of it, but let it pile up on itself in the middle of the shirt. Press your head against this pile of hair so that your head is holding the hair on the shirt. This is not an "attractive" pose, therefore no picture was posted. Ha. :)

Once you are all set with your head pressed to the shirt take the bottom of the shirt, (which is above your head) and bring it up to your neck, tucking around your head to hold in place. Then bring the top of the shirt (which is below your chin) and bring it up to your forehead and around. Tuck it in around your head. Next grab the sleeves on each side and at the same time....start twisting. Keep twisting until they are fairly tight. If you dont twist them tight enough, your top and bottom shirt pieces will not stay. Once you get them twisted, pull both pieces to the back. At this point you have 2 options. Put a hair tie (rubber band) over the pieces to connect them, or tie them in a knot. It will look like you are princess of the mushroom tribe.  

So how long do I have to leave this mushroom goddess look on? Well that is up to you. The longer your hair, the longer you want to keep it so it can dry out some. The point of plopping is so that when the hair doesnt have gravity pulling on the curls. I usually only plop my hair overnight because it is so long, but for exercise purposes and needing to leave the house soon I kept in up for 20-30 minutes. If you hair is slightly shorter, You can do this while getting dressed, putting on moisturizer, makeup or what have you. Then when your time is up...(or in my case when I wake up in the morning)

 Wa-lah!  Now just touch it up with some additional mousse (whatever product you use) and some spray. Do not comb it out. Style as you desire. Wish these pictures were better quality. Now, because my plop was only for 20-30 minutes, I didnt have as much curl as I normally do. It still was good enough for the evening.

I was pleased. If I do an overnight plop soon, I will be sure to post pictures as my hair gets much curlier. Hope I have inspired you to plop. It just might change your world forever!

Until then....

Stay calm....and lets go to the Plop!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ruffles again....yep...keep em coming!

So last night I was having a hankerin'(is that a real word?) to get behind the sewing machine again, but I knew I didnt have a lot of time. I am terrible when it comes to "if I start something, I want to finish it" mentality. This could be looked at from a positive angle or negative. While on the positive, it means I usually don't have unfinished projects just lying around, but on the negative, I refuse to start projects I really want to do, because I know there wont be enough time to finish.

I guess I need to learn a little patience, but its not something I am going to pray for. :)

So last night I was thinking about these adorable headbands that I have seen on Etsy. They are ruffled and have another ruffle on top. I have seen them with different patterns and the possibilites are endless. While I don't plan on having an Etsy business, I thought I could try my hand at making some just for me and Livy. I had a scrap of red and white polka dot fabric and took 10 minutes to make a cutsie headband.

Of course I had to try it on the little model. I think she likes it. I really was planning on making it for me, and it fits an adult as well. Just a regular hard band. It matched her outfit when I turned around that I had to plop it on her head and I got a huge grin. :)

When I make another I will post a turtorial. It is super easy! :)

Stay Calm....and love some Ruffles...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Newspaper pattern and Momma

So my momma drove about 13 hours or more to come and see me and my sister this last weekend. I got to spend Friday with her and then she left to go to my sisters on Saturday. In the last 6 months or so of this sewing adventure I have been on, I have been using my mommas machine. She made all kinds of clothes for us when we were children. This was the first time I really had her all to myself where we could actually do a project together and she could teach me some basics or help me to learn something new. I pulled out a few patterns I thought about undertaking, but she had her own idea.

She rough sketched a few things that she thought about making. I was a little hesitant at first, but I knew she knew what she was doing. She took Livy's measurements and wrote them all down on a piece of paper. I was going to add a picture of the sketch, but the photo quality was so poor, you couldn't really see anything.

So we then measured and cut our pattern pieces. Here is the top. And if you need a new Kia, I guess you can get one for $99 a month. (haha)


I kept asking, "when do we get to choose the fabric?" and Mom would say, "not yet, we need to make sure we have this part done first". I was just like a little impatient kid waiting in line at a candy store.
Finally she said "OK, lets go look at your fabric.". Music to my ears!

I really wanted to use some of my funky vintage fabric, but mom insisted on a cotton, so we went with this fabulous strawberry print I got at HWY 50 sales.

My lady Pin cushion got lots of use on Friday.....and she is so cute I just wanted to share her.

So after we had gotten to the point of what were were going to make, we had to make things more difficult and make it reversible. So its strawberries on one side, and solid red on the other, with a ruffle of opposite fabric.

Here are some "action" shots that I was only allowed to put on here as long as I didn't get her face! (love you mom!)

Some of the first stitches....

Stitching some ruffles.....

Trying to figure out the correct way to lay everything so we don't have to take it apart..(again;)

After many hours of laughing, sewing, seam ripping, sewing, ironing, trimming, sewing, searching for elastic, and more sewing. It was finished.

Here is Livy modeling it the next day. We had to finish it because Mom would be heading up to my sisters. I think we finally put it on the hanger at midnight on Friday night.


The back view.

We even made little bloomers to go underneath. You can see them in a few of the pics.

Playing at my company picnic.

See her fabulous matching hair bow? I whipped this up in about 10 minutes. It wouldn't have taken that long except I had to wait on the hot glue gun to well.....heat up. These are super easy and I will post a tutorial on it in the next few days.

Overall the weekend was super fun with her. Noah got to play on a huge trampoline with the bungee cords and asked if we could get one for home.

This helped me conquer my nerves of patterns so much. I plan to possibly make more of these or just get some of my patterns out and go for it. I hope you enjoyed sharing in some of our fun.

Until next time....

Stay Calm....and try making your own pattern....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

For the love of Vintage....and complete Randomness


Every time I pass through a Goodwill, Salvation Army, Community thrift store, I have to hit the "craft" section and look through the patterns. I am obsessed, fascinated drawn to vintage patterns. I have yet to actually pull out a pattern and use it, for fear of messing something up, but I am getting braver. I found my favorite so far. I love paying less than a $1.00 for a pattern, (sometimes .25 or .50 cents).

Look how amazing this pattern is. I took out all the pieces to make sure everything was there. It was complete. Score! At the same GW (Goodwill), I came across a huge bundle of vintage fabric for a whopping $3.00
So I think there is some green dresses in our future. I love patterns. When I shop, its like they speak to me! Even really ugly patterns. I have to still look and check them out.

So as promised a few weeks ago, I was at a yard sale and I got Livy 2 vintage dresses from the 70's. Here she is in her sunshine yellow Mod dress. I love the simplicity of it.

My mom commented that I am dressing her too much like a little girl and not like a baby like I should, but I really can't help it. One day when she hates vintage and only wants to wear what she wants, I will hopefully have gotten this dress up thing out of my system. I mean she really does look cute. And I am aware I am completely partial.

Remember that awesome find of lace and trims from the Hwy yard sale? This lovely lace was in with that and I attached some black elastic to the back and made a super quick lace headband. I am loving it and it looks so cute on.

While I was dreaming the other night, I thought, why can't I just whip up a little bag and try out a zipper for the first time? I mean no problem right? That would be so simple with my small knowledge of sewing skills.

Well....... I started with some fabulous fabric, and ruined it. (Sobs dramatically) I just couldn't get my pieces cut even and then I needed a was a mess. But I guess I learned from the mess to know what to do and not do next time. Oh the fun of self teaching!

Anyway, I grabbed a denim jacket my husband threw in the yard sale pile (shhhh) and cut the sleeve off. I think I sewed the zipper on 4 different times because I kept sewing it on the wrong side of the fabric. You would think it would be a snap, but I'll admit for a first timer with no instructions, it was a little tricky.

Finally it was done. No tutorial because I am not even sure I could do it again. See how lopsided it is and the fabulous fabric scraps I attached to the bottom corner. A zipper rosette from the left over zipper and a vintage button. Complete.

Was a sweet friends birthday so I added some Bath and Body Works Lotion and Spray for her in the bag and gave it to her as a gift. :) I think she might appreciate it more than me. All I see is the flaws! Ha.

So that's what I've been up to. Still stoked about Mandy at SugarBee featuring my 15 minute Cardi. :)

Until next time....

Stay Calm.....and be Random. :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Excitement....Beyond Excitement

So my blog was featured on SugarBeeCrafts....and I am so giddy with excitement. Who knew something so small as someone else appreciating something you've done could turn a boring OK day into something fabulous. I follow Mandy at Sugar Bee because she is brilliant and her crafting/sewing abilities are ones I only dream of.
Makes my heart smile....
Stay Calm.....and Smile... :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Lovin.....

Summer is here! Well I guess not "officially" until tomorrow. The weather here has been Hot Hot Hot. I personally love the warmer weather. When I sit in my office on most days and freeze, its nice to go outside and thaw a bit.

The pool and water has been a big excitement for the kids this year. As Noah gets older, its fun to see him enjoy activities more and more.

 Livy got to play in a little one ring pool while I was working yesterday.

Forgive me for sharing, but that crooked smile gets me every time....

We are definitely a water bug family. We love the water! I am itching to get some better pics of the kids up. My cell phone camera quality is just not as fabulous as my fancy camera I got for my birthday. Maybe this weekend. We shall see....

Until then....

Stay Calm....and Keep Cool :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

15 Minute Super Cute Cardi

So I recieved an email that said one of my pins was "repinned" on Pinterest and it was really exciting because it was something I created, not copied, and pinned all on my own. I didn't have this fabulous blog up when I did that so, I thought I would give a quickie tutorial on here of what I did and link it back to that pin.  Make sense?

Ever need a quick cute cardi for the office, a cool day, or just to throw over your arms you aren't loving that day? My office at work tends to be freezing cold, so I often sport a cardigan most days. Here is the problem, unless you can find the color you want, in the size, and a cute style, you do without. I have a quick fix. And I mean quick.

The 15 minute super cute cardi!
Grab a shirt that you love the color, but its just something you don't tend to wear, maybe because its a little big, or (INSERT EXCUSE HERE). NOTE: I like to use a thicker shirt...but its all your preference.

Lay shirt flat and find the center. (or you could technically fold in half and mark it, but we are going with quickness, not as much accuracy here)

Using scissors or a rotary cutter, cut a straight line through the front of the shirt straight down then middle. (if you use a rotary, remember to put your board inside the shirt or you will cut the back piece too)

After you have cut it, fold a small hem on each side. I don't measure it, I just eyeball what I like. Fold it over all the way up and pin in place. Do this to both sides.

Sew the hems down each side.

Head to the sleeves. If the sleeves are long, decide if you want short sleeves, or 3/4 sleeved. Cut the sleeves off about an inch or two LONGER than you want it to be. Roll the bottom and hem the sleeve. If you shirt already has short sleeves, you can skip this step.

To rouch the sleeves, Go to the shoulder seam and using a long gathering stitch from the shoulder seam down the middle of the sleeve. Back stitch at the beginning and then leave threads loose at the end. Pull bottom string and gather the sleeve to the effect you like. Knot both strings together tightly to ensure they do not come undone and trim excess thread.

Repeat on other sleeve.

Wah-lah. You can always embellish if you want or leave the way it is. I simply belt it over a shirt for a nice pulled together look.

Hope you make a dozen in various colors and patterns. There is no end to the possiblities....

Until Then,,...

Stay Calm....and Make Some Cute Cardis

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last wreath for now....

Kinda a bittersweet last wreath that "had" to be done. I enjoy doing them...but have some others things I want to get a hold of, so I am glad I can move on to something else...

This one is probably my favorite out of the 4 I have done. I thought leaving some of the wood showing gave it that vintage/primitive vibe. Thoughts?

What is next? A skirt, perhaps a few little zipper clutches, an outfit for Livy?

Stick around and see....

Until Then -

Stay calm and Turn the page...the next chapter is just as exciting!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dream a little dream for me...

Morning Dolls,
I have been a little blog MIA the past few days. I have one more wreath to complete and then on to the next exciting adventure. I was determined to figure out how to make myself a chevron skirt out of stripes, but, let me tell you, It's not easy. I would rate my sewing skills/knowledge right up there next to Jr.High Home EC class, so perhaps for a seasoned veteran, it might be easier.

I saw a commercial for the Art Institute of Indiana and dreamed a little dream. Wouldn't it be amazing if I could just quit my job, and go to school and learn about everything from photography to fashion design to media art? Oh be still my creative little dreaming heart.

Over the weekend, my best friend and I thrifted and thrifted and well you know...thrifted some more! It was a completely fantastic time. Score of the day? Probably the 2 vintage little girls dresses from the 70's that the owner said was hers when she was little. I will try and get pictures up this week. Bright yellow mod dress and the other is navy and has a retro owl print. They are pretty amazing. What did I give for these 2 darling pieces of history? $1 each! I can't wait to put them on little Livy and snap some pictures.

Until Next time...

Stay Calm and Dream a little bit....

Friday, June 8, 2012

A skirt for Moi?

So, I unfortunately think my skills of sewing are extremely above what they actually are. I need to start back at the basics and learn the correct way to do things and then maybe I can short cut later. With all the new tutorials on pillow case dresses, and 10 minute Maxi dresses, its easy to get caught up in the " I don't need a pattern to just whip up a skirt for myself".

Well Wrong. Perhaps if I have been sewing since I was a teen and had a vast knowledge....but sewing for 6 months or so....not gonna happen. I got some O-mazing vintage fabric that is a stripe of Silver, Rust and Black. It is very thin stripes. I want to make me a maxi skirt where the stripes "V" in the front, (I think cut on the Bias) but I have no clue how to do this. I am terrified to cut into this gorgeous fabric and mess something up. Perhaps I should try and draw a pattern? I have never drawn a pattern, but maybe that would be best. I am way too cheap to buy a pattern unless I come across one in my size for $1.00 or less.

Should I stick with the small projects I have done already and not move to something more difficult? I mean these questions are right up there with world peace...ya know?

If I do figure it out, I will be sure to show you cause I will be so extremely proud of myself.

Until Then

Stay Calm....and Go back to the Basics...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Fun One to Add to the Bunch....

So my evening was successful. I have 2 wreaths to complete and so I took the time to get one done. I am saying this again and again. IF YOU RUFFLE A LOT...YOU NEED A RUFFLE FOOT! :) I am telling you...I had about 7 long strips of fabric to ruffle for this wreath and it took me a matter of 5 minutes or so. If I had to gather them all by hand, lets just say there would be no post today, or it would have gone something like ...Death to hand gathering!

I was even able to do some zippers. You know,...those fabulous zipper rosettes you see and love.

It was so simple I don't know why I have never tried it before. I just slipped it in under my ruffle foot and away it went. Did some shaping...some hot glue ( I think I no longer have fingerprints by the way) and there you go. I just accented with a vintage button. Isn't it so super cute?

Here is the wreath I finished last night, complete with Denim Roses, Ric Rack center flower, zipper flower and vintage buttons. I am loving how these are turning out every time I do a new one. I need to step up and get some better photos for this blog. It looks kind of dark and hard to see. Not sure what the deal is with that. (Oh probably because my "camera" is currently my cell phone and we know how great quality that is.) :)

I think for my next one, I might add a Monogram letter. The idea came to me at 4am this morning when I was trying to fall back asleep.

Are you getting tired of seeing wreaths all the time? I am not quite sick of them yet. However I do have at least 2 more I have committed to we will see how I feel when those are done.

Until then...

Stay Calm and Try Something New....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two down...two to go...

So here is another wreath that was born over the weekend. My friend needed one for the daycare she runs so I threw this together for her ....I love how it looks like a little flag...and the vintage buttons??
Be still my heart.

Hope you enjoy ....this only took about an hour or so....

Stay calm.....and hang on...we are just getting started!

I'm Still Alive....

Morning Dolls, Been fighting a super busy weekend and then a flu bug which had me down.

I've been ruffling away making wreaths. Its been "sew" much fun.
I plan to have pictures up this week of the others that have been born. Hope you stick around....

They are adorable!
Stay Calm....and Be Patient...

Friday, June 1, 2012


So I have been reading a new bible plan on the YouVersion bible app. It was suggested by one of the ladies behind a new site #SheReadsTruth. It is a community site of encouragement for women to read the truth together. I am just figuring it out, but will you join me? We all could use a little more encouragement in our walks...

Stay calm...and Read on...

Rain on me....

So the morning is bleak and rainy. Doesn't do much to perk me up on a Friday morning. I did stop and get me a fabulous Vanilla Diet Coke. It's my coffee. Why does the rain tend to effect us so much? As if the weather really has that much control of our moods.

I refuse to let the rain and yuck outside get me only lasts for a little while and the sun will shine again....(oh goodness, It sounds like I will break out in song any minute)

So the hubs cracked his wrist and has been kinda down and out. Livy is teething and Noah is just a wild boy. Last night was just exhausting. I did get to chat with my best friend this morning, so that helped a ton!

Also got 3 orders for wreaths! Although I 'entertained' the idea in my head, I never thought anyone would really "want" one....or should I for one.  I am excited to create those, and of course you will see how fabulous they turn out.

That's all that's going on with me. I bit the inside of my cheek, but do we really need to get that personal? Yeah probably not.

Have a beautiful day lovlies....

Stay Calm.....and Use Your Umbrella.... :)