Thursday, June 14, 2012

15 Minute Super Cute Cardi

So I recieved an email that said one of my pins was "repinned" on Pinterest and it was really exciting because it was something I created, not copied, and pinned all on my own. I didn't have this fabulous blog up when I did that so, I thought I would give a quickie tutorial on here of what I did and link it back to that pin.  Make sense?

Ever need a quick cute cardi for the office, a cool day, or just to throw over your arms you aren't loving that day? My office at work tends to be freezing cold, so I often sport a cardigan most days. Here is the problem, unless you can find the color you want, in the size, and a cute style, you do without. I have a quick fix. And I mean quick.

The 15 minute super cute cardi!
Grab a shirt that you love the color, but its just something you don't tend to wear, maybe because its a little big, or (INSERT EXCUSE HERE). NOTE: I like to use a thicker shirt...but its all your preference.

Lay shirt flat and find the center. (or you could technically fold in half and mark it, but we are going with quickness, not as much accuracy here)

Using scissors or a rotary cutter, cut a straight line through the front of the shirt straight down then middle. (if you use a rotary, remember to put your board inside the shirt or you will cut the back piece too)

After you have cut it, fold a small hem on each side. I don't measure it, I just eyeball what I like. Fold it over all the way up and pin in place. Do this to both sides.

Sew the hems down each side.

Head to the sleeves. If the sleeves are long, decide if you want short sleeves, or 3/4 sleeved. Cut the sleeves off about an inch or two LONGER than you want it to be. Roll the bottom and hem the sleeve. If you shirt already has short sleeves, you can skip this step.

To rouch the sleeves, Go to the shoulder seam and using a long gathering stitch from the shoulder seam down the middle of the sleeve. Back stitch at the beginning and then leave threads loose at the end. Pull bottom string and gather the sleeve to the effect you like. Knot both strings together tightly to ensure they do not come undone and trim excess thread.

Repeat on other sleeve.

Wah-lah. You can always embellish if you want or leave the way it is. I simply belt it over a shirt for a nice pulled together look.

Hope you make a dozen in various colors and patterns. There is no end to the possiblities....

Until Then,,...

Stay Calm....and Make Some Cute Cardis

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