Thursday, June 21, 2012

For the love of Vintage....and complete Randomness


Every time I pass through a Goodwill, Salvation Army, Community thrift store, I have to hit the "craft" section and look through the patterns. I am obsessed, fascinated drawn to vintage patterns. I have yet to actually pull out a pattern and use it, for fear of messing something up, but I am getting braver. I found my favorite so far. I love paying less than a $1.00 for a pattern, (sometimes .25 or .50 cents).

Look how amazing this pattern is. I took out all the pieces to make sure everything was there. It was complete. Score! At the same GW (Goodwill), I came across a huge bundle of vintage fabric for a whopping $3.00
So I think there is some green dresses in our future. I love patterns. When I shop, its like they speak to me! Even really ugly patterns. I have to still look and check them out.

So as promised a few weeks ago, I was at a yard sale and I got Livy 2 vintage dresses from the 70's. Here she is in her sunshine yellow Mod dress. I love the simplicity of it.

My mom commented that I am dressing her too much like a little girl and not like a baby like I should, but I really can't help it. One day when she hates vintage and only wants to wear what she wants, I will hopefully have gotten this dress up thing out of my system. I mean she really does look cute. And I am aware I am completely partial.

Remember that awesome find of lace and trims from the Hwy yard sale? This lovely lace was in with that and I attached some black elastic to the back and made a super quick lace headband. I am loving it and it looks so cute on.

While I was dreaming the other night, I thought, why can't I just whip up a little bag and try out a zipper for the first time? I mean no problem right? That would be so simple with my small knowledge of sewing skills.

Well....... I started with some fabulous fabric, and ruined it. (Sobs dramatically) I just couldn't get my pieces cut even and then I needed a was a mess. But I guess I learned from the mess to know what to do and not do next time. Oh the fun of self teaching!

Anyway, I grabbed a denim jacket my husband threw in the yard sale pile (shhhh) and cut the sleeve off. I think I sewed the zipper on 4 different times because I kept sewing it on the wrong side of the fabric. You would think it would be a snap, but I'll admit for a first timer with no instructions, it was a little tricky.

Finally it was done. No tutorial because I am not even sure I could do it again. See how lopsided it is and the fabulous fabric scraps I attached to the bottom corner. A zipper rosette from the left over zipper and a vintage button. Complete.

Was a sweet friends birthday so I added some Bath and Body Works Lotion and Spray for her in the bag and gave it to her as a gift. :) I think she might appreciate it more than me. All I see is the flaws! Ha.

So that's what I've been up to. Still stoked about Mandy at SugarBee featuring my 15 minute Cardi. :)

Until next time....

Stay Calm.....and be Random. :)

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