Friday, June 1, 2012

Rain on me....

So the morning is bleak and rainy. Doesn't do much to perk me up on a Friday morning. I did stop and get me a fabulous Vanilla Diet Coke. It's my coffee. Why does the rain tend to effect us so much? As if the weather really has that much control of our moods.

I refuse to let the rain and yuck outside get me only lasts for a little while and the sun will shine again....(oh goodness, It sounds like I will break out in song any minute)

So the hubs cracked his wrist and has been kinda down and out. Livy is teething and Noah is just a wild boy. Last night was just exhausting. I did get to chat with my best friend this morning, so that helped a ton!

Also got 3 orders for wreaths! Although I 'entertained' the idea in my head, I never thought anyone would really "want" one....or should I for one.  I am excited to create those, and of course you will see how fabulous they turn out.

That's all that's going on with me. I bit the inside of my cheek, but do we really need to get that personal? Yeah probably not.

Have a beautiful day lovlies....

Stay Calm.....and Use Your Umbrella.... :)

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