Tuesday, April 30, 2013

40 Custom Clothing Labels for $6!

So I was browsing tutorials a week or so ago and came across See Kate Sew's post about 300 custom clothing labels for $20! I was instantly excited. I am not selling any of my Chrissy Couture clothing...(yet) but I still thought it would be fun to put a cute label on them. If you have ever checked the price of labels though....EEEK! They can be expensive! And since I just want to cutesy up a ruffle pant or top with my little generic logo, I didn't want to invest $50-$100 at this point in time.

Excuse my ADHD....let's get back on track.  That is why I was so excited to come across Kate's tutorial.

All I did was visit Spoonflower.com. It is a website that lets you upload your own graphics, pictures, whatever and you can create your own fabric. First off, that is super cool. I mean when you see the designers on Project Runway get to design their own textile you think, "wow I bet that is expensive", but Spoonflower is really reasonable! No minimum order either!

Kate gives you a full tutorial, so I won't try and duplicate her effort in details like she did. Check it out if you want the ins and outs. All you do is repeat your image on the fabric and wa-lah. You can order a fabric swatch, which mine was $6 shipped and I ended up with 40 Chrissy Couture labels. My only suggestion is to make sure you account for spacing. I have an oval around my "logo" but when I fold the fabric into my labels, I will probably lose part of the oval from folding. Just make sure you take that "space" into account when ordering. (or just dont put a border on it and you will be fine!)

So what do you think? I never knew a $5 fabric swatch could make a girl so giddy. I just began this blog and this sewing adventure a year ago after really struggling with post-partum depression. It has been such a great "therapy" to me to sew something and be proud of it and hope others love it as much as I do. I am still learning as I go, but its the little things like this that just make me smile.

Now I can add some cute labels so that when millions flock to me wanting my garments (dreaming a little), they can have a proper label! ha.:)

Until next time....

Keep calm.....and Make some textiles or labels! xoxo

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spiderman Muscle Tee

So I have not been completely MIA, (isn’t this how most of my blogs begin?) haha

I have been busy enjoying the random days of spring weather with the kids, trying to get things organized around the house and have done a few little sewing projects that I am super excited about.

For months, and I mean months when I would start sewing a little dress or outfit for Miss O, Noah would ask, “Are you going to make me a Spiderman shirt?”. To which I would respond with, “yes sweetie, I just need to figure out how to do that”. I bought some Spiderman fabric that was a remnant from Hobby Lobby months ago and even used a little bit of it here when I made him his Spiderman Halloween bucket. I was feeling brave and thought “what’s the worst thing that could happen? “ and pulled it out to make Noah a shirt.

I don’t have a full tutorial because I was just trying to figure it out as I went, BUT It was really easy though. Let me try and explain.

All I did was fold a pajama shirt in half long ways on the fold of fabric. Then trying to allow for some seam allowance, I cut 2 pieces. The front and back. Then I just kind of eyeballed a neck line and cut both the front and back together. The shoulders were long enough that it made it like a muscle shirt. I really had no intentions of him wearing it out of the house when I made it, so I was ok with the no sleeves. I figured it would be a pajama shirt or play shirt outside. Little did I know he begged to wear it to his gymnastics class. Then once I sewed the seams and hemmed the bottom, neckline and sleeve area it was done. Oh I had to add a few inch panels to each side. When I held it up before I sewed it I did a quick hold up fitting and was worried it would be too small. I am so glad I went ahead and added those panels.

Little boy was thrilled to try it on! He even “helped” me sew it by pushing the petal while I guided the fabric.

Livy just had to have some photo time too. Its funny how are kids seem ready when the camera comes out to show their personalities.

And what is Spiderman without his web hands going crazy?

My mom and “sewing mentor” who lives hundreds of miles away thought I had bought it when she saw a picture. That made me feel good! Oh no, this is a Chrissy Couture Original. It turned out really cute. I mean really superhero like.

What do you think?

Oh and now my Spiderman as learned a new trick as well. 

Until next time,

Keep Calm.....and just go with it!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Boutique Outfit with Ruffle Pants

My new sewing machine (insert her new name, which I haven't decided on yet), and I have been getting along a little better. At first she would not zig zag stitch at all, and I think I have realized she is slightly hormonal and temperamental like her owner. I speak her language so I just pet her nicely and try something else and we are working out our differences slowly.

I had some time after finishing some cutesie bibs for my friend's baby to tackle the coveted "boutique outfit with ruffle pants". I have wanted to make this since I first began sewing. Little did I know at the time it would take ME a year to learn the basics, and get up the courage to just do it. Girls let me tell you, it is not hard at all! My fear of it was worse than the actual project.

I bought the fabric for this outfit almost a year ago. It was one of my first fabric purchases. I bought 2 yards. It was on sale and I had no clue how much fabric 2 yards was at the time, (when I had a 1 year old) but I am glad I had held on to it, because I had plenty to do this project with.

 The pants. The coveted wonderful ruffle pants. There are many tutorials out there, with different ways to do them. I watched a few you tube videos and read about 10 tutorials. This one here is the way I did mine. I didn't use the pattern she attached however, I just used a pair of pants that Olivia could already wear that were a little loose. I tried using a pair that fit her good only to find they ended up being too small. I figured if I cut them a little big I could always adjust the waist with elastic.

I knew I could make a top/dress/tunic at this point without a pattern if I stuck to the "peasant" type elastic top. These are so easy to make and you don't have to mess with buttons/zippers or anything. You just slide over the head and voila!

I was so excited it turned out!

One day when I have more time (haha) I will have better more "professional" pictures of the things I make. For now, heading to the car on the way to church is just what we have.

Seriously give these a try. They aren't as hard as they look.

Until next time,

Keep Calm and Get your Boutique look on....