Tuesday, April 30, 2013

40 Custom Clothing Labels for $6!

So I was browsing tutorials a week or so ago and came across See Kate Sew's post about 300 custom clothing labels for $20! I was instantly excited. I am not selling any of my Chrissy Couture clothing...(yet) but I still thought it would be fun to put a cute label on them. If you have ever checked the price of labels though....EEEK! They can be expensive! And since I just want to cutesy up a ruffle pant or top with my little generic logo, I didn't want to invest $50-$100 at this point in time.

Excuse my ADHD....let's get back on track.  That is why I was so excited to come across Kate's tutorial.

All I did was visit Spoonflower.com. It is a website that lets you upload your own graphics, pictures, whatever and you can create your own fabric. First off, that is super cool. I mean when you see the designers on Project Runway get to design their own textile you think, "wow I bet that is expensive", but Spoonflower is really reasonable! No minimum order either!

Kate gives you a full tutorial, so I won't try and duplicate her effort in details like she did. Check it out if you want the ins and outs. All you do is repeat your image on the fabric and wa-lah. You can order a fabric swatch, which mine was $6 shipped and I ended up with 40 Chrissy Couture labels. My only suggestion is to make sure you account for spacing. I have an oval around my "logo" but when I fold the fabric into my labels, I will probably lose part of the oval from folding. Just make sure you take that "space" into account when ordering. (or just dont put a border on it and you will be fine!)

So what do you think? I never knew a $5 fabric swatch could make a girl so giddy. I just began this blog and this sewing adventure a year ago after really struggling with post-partum depression. It has been such a great "therapy" to me to sew something and be proud of it and hope others love it as much as I do. I am still learning as I go, but its the little things like this that just make me smile.

Now I can add some cute labels so that when millions flock to me wanting my garments (dreaming a little), they can have a proper label! ha.:)

Until next time....

Keep calm.....and Make some textiles or labels! xoxo

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