Monday, April 8, 2013

Boutique Outfit with Ruffle Pants

My new sewing machine (insert her new name, which I haven't decided on yet), and I have been getting along a little better. At first she would not zig zag stitch at all, and I think I have realized she is slightly hormonal and temperamental like her owner. I speak her language so I just pet her nicely and try something else and we are working out our differences slowly.

I had some time after finishing some cutesie bibs for my friend's baby to tackle the coveted "boutique outfit with ruffle pants". I have wanted to make this since I first began sewing. Little did I know at the time it would take ME a year to learn the basics, and get up the courage to just do it. Girls let me tell you, it is not hard at all! My fear of it was worse than the actual project.

I bought the fabric for this outfit almost a year ago. It was one of my first fabric purchases. I bought 2 yards. It was on sale and I had no clue how much fabric 2 yards was at the time, (when I had a 1 year old) but I am glad I had held on to it, because I had plenty to do this project with.

 The pants. The coveted wonderful ruffle pants. There are many tutorials out there, with different ways to do them. I watched a few you tube videos and read about 10 tutorials. This one here is the way I did mine. I didn't use the pattern she attached however, I just used a pair of pants that Olivia could already wear that were a little loose. I tried using a pair that fit her good only to find they ended up being too small. I figured if I cut them a little big I could always adjust the waist with elastic.

I knew I could make a top/dress/tunic at this point without a pattern if I stuck to the "peasant" type elastic top. These are so easy to make and you don't have to mess with buttons/zippers or anything. You just slide over the head and voila!

I was so excited it turned out!

One day when I have more time (haha) I will have better more "professional" pictures of the things I make. For now, heading to the car on the way to church is just what we have.

Seriously give these a try. They aren't as hard as they look.

Until next time,

Keep Calm and Get your Boutique look on....

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