Friday, May 3, 2013

Vintage and Lace Ruffle Set

I purchased some burnt like orange vintage fabric months ago. Actually close to a year ago. It was right after I began to sew. I had no idea at the time about textiles and different fabrics, I just knew it screamed vintage and I loved it. Since I have been having the best luck with quiting cottons, it just kind of sat, unloved, unappreciated.

As I have grown a little more confident in my sewing skills, (although ways to go still) I pulled it out with a plan. I could add some ruffles of lace that I picked up months ago as well and do a cute spring ruffle set. Remember when I did my first set of ruffle pants here?

Girl getting her Model on..... 

Lets just tie some extra scrap pieces in our hair shall we?

The print is gorgeous and the textile has some stretch to it. Some sort of polyester I am sure. I made the pants first and then I was planning on a 3/4 sleeve top. Well the sleeves ended up being long which still worked, (since the weather here STILL hasn't decided if it wants to be warm or cold) but that's also what happens when you guess at measurements and don't really use a pattern. I still absewlutely love the way it turned out. My proudest piece so far. And if you have been around for any amount of time, you have seen some of my first sewing projects.....and can really appreciate this one.

Like here, first dress ever constructed using an old skirt of mine and guessing at a shape. It may not look horrible in the picture, but trust me it was the most ill fitting garment! I barely got it over her head let alone her little chubby rolls! (SQUEEZE) First lesson in seam allowances......

Or here, Even Livy was like...MOM I HATE IT, (well she had allergies bad)! This is supposed to be Prudent Baby's Snappy Toddler top. They would probably cringe if they saw it. It was my second attempt ever to make Miss O something. Second Lesson at seam allowances.  I do plan on making another one this summer so you will probably see this image again compared to hopefully something fabulous! 

As I pulled these pics out, I saw a whole progression of how my sewing has evolved in the last year. May marks 1 year of blogging and sewing so I will probably do something fun for making it this far!

Back to the reason why I posted all of that, so you could appreciate this below~

 Adding lace as ruffles might be my new favorite, so be on the lookout. Firstly, no hemming! Hallelujah! Second, it ruffles so easy and nicely!

I added the detail to the top after I showed a few friends and family. Momma said it needed something at the neckline. Who am I to argue with momma #1, and #2 I am all about adding more lace! So it is just a removable pin that can be added to a headband next time or whatever I choose.

I will be the designer on project runway that Tim will say, Now Chrissy, you need to step back and really take an editing eye to this, don't over design! (and I seriously hear Tim Gunn's voice when I read that sentence)
More Scraps tied to piggy tails...

So what do you think? Do you love it as much a me?

I really hope you enjoy following along, I get really excited about comments too!

Until next time....

Keep Calm and Ruffle up some lace.....


  1. This is so sweet! Looks cozy! I love to look back and see how far I've progressed at sewing,'s a booster! And lessons as you go (like seam allowance...I've underestimated little toddler chubs in the past, too!) are the ones that really stick with you! :)

    1. Thanks Nichole! Its all one step at a time trying to figure this out on my own, but great bloggers, Youtube, and pinterest have been my friend. Thanks for stopping by! <3