Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Year Already?? First Year at Sewing/Blogging.

Can you believe it has been a year to date that I started this little blog? I remember my very first post. It was short and sweet and didn't really say much. I have always been more likely to lean towards the creative nature of things than engineer, so when I took the leap, I have never looked back. Some posts have been more personal, others have just been the hilarious mis-hap that happened, or the finished product of some door wreaths or little clothes. Was it necessary? Well, probably not. Do I enjoy it though? Absewlutely! I know I have many friends that read my blog, but it thrills me when I see that 27 people in Spain viewed my blog on a certain day or week. Or 87 people from a combination of countries have visited my page in a week. It just makes my heart smile. You, reading this now, if it wasn't for you, I would probably not be motivated to try and get a post in at least once a week. (I know some weeks this is difficult for me!)

When I was posting last weeks post about the Vintage and Lace Ruffle Set, I saw a progression of where my sewing began to where it is now. It isn't a big secret that after my daughter was born, I severely went through post partum depression. I felt as though my life was just passing by and I had no creative outlet to express myself. My love and passion of photography was always put on hold from fear of not being good enough, or "doing what everyone else seems to be doing". I also wanted to learn how to sew. I took a class in high school years ago, and was horrible at it, but I wanted to try again. My mother brought me her sewing machine that she used for many years for me to just play with and see if I would really enjoy it. Firstly, it sat for almost a year before I even touched it. I was too afraid I wouldn't know what I was doing or that if I did figure it out, I wouldn't really be able to make anything cute. One night after I got home from work I was determined. I don't know what had changed in my head but I went home, put it on the kitchen table and decided I was going to start sewing. After 2 hours of trying to figure out how to thread the silly thing, numerous YouTube videos and a couple of calls to momma, I finally got it threaded. I think that night I sewed a few straight lines on some scrap material and then went to bed. The rest is history. My sweet husband went within the next week or so and got me a "sewing table" and set it all up while I was at work. I got a sweet text from him saying he believed and supported me. I never knew something so simple could mean so much to me. Even now when the kids are running wild and I am at my machine trying to punch out another beautiful creation, he will wrangle the children so I can have a little sewing therapy.

So through all of this rambling, I want you to know that I am glad you have followed along. If you are stumbling across this post for the first time, I hope you stick around. Things can and will only continue to get better from here. Here is a look at the last year very quickly.

Lets not forget our first attempt at sewing a dress..oh my how ill fitting!

Yes even the model was not a happy camper, and I do not blame her!

A Happier face, but can anyone see how the "collar" is just hanging on her shoulders barely?

Disney outfits. I can only take credit for adding some ruffles to a shirt and applique of Minnie.

This is that wonderful fabric already shirred. I just sewed up one side and it was done!

One of my favorites of the wreaths I made last year.

Chrissy Couture Cardigan - Featured on Sugar Bee Crafts! Now that was an exciting day!

Horrible picture quality. 10 minute Maxi Dress that only took me 2 hours!

Newspaper pattern and outfit made with my Mom while she was in town.

Hair Plopping. Still the most viewed post on my blog. Has had more hits that the Beatles....ok, not really but you get the point.

SpiderMan Cape. (even though he doesn't really wear one)

No Sew Wreath and Paper Flowers
Still Life Photography for the fair. Swooon.

First Attempt at sleeves and following a pattern.

Same pattern as above with some pattern mixing and belt.

Pattern mixing with a big BOW

Super fun Maternity Shoot with a gorgeous Momma.

Sock Monkey Tag Blanket
Ruffle Dress from a Woman's Shirt.

Bow Scarf

Vintage Pinafore Pattern

Un-Expecting another blessing....a Girl due in just 60 days!

Spikey Bows


First successful Ruffle Pants and Top.

What a Journey! And I left out quite a few posts still! I just love looking back and loving each new thing I sew more and more. Every new dress for Livy, or Every new little shirt or toy for Noah just makes me happy I can make it for them. Just last night Noah needed a "Ninja Belt" for his sword. With a strip of felt, elastic and a few zips down the machine and he was elated to have a new "ninja belt" that would hold his sword.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey and will stick around. I always LOVE hearing from you. Your thoughts, ideas, suggestions.

Until next time....

Keep Calm....and Keep Moving Forward.

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