Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jelly Rolls ....and not the ones you eat....

Wild Chrissy Couture got into action again Tuesday night. So why a post on Thursday instead of Wednesday? Well I had this new little dress all done Tuesday night, but Miss Livy wasn’t available to model it until Wednesday. (Can you believe she was sleeping? Haha)

Of course just like I had figured the next day she wasn’t very cooperative and I didn’t get fabulous pictures but I snapped a few ok ones.

First off, I utilized the same pattern as I did on my last dress. It is really extremely simple. I won the pattern, but after using it, I would definitely say it’s worth the money as this pattern can be adjusted in so many ways once you get the basics down.  Since I am using a pattern, I don’t know if its “appropriate” or “tasteful” to give a tutorial. Since I adapted the pattern this time to do a different dress, maybe I can give you a little instruction on what took place.

I did not take photos as I went because I didn’t know how it would turn out. I should have and I apologize and you can Gibbs slap me in the back of the head next time you see me.

So instead of making a dress out of one pattern of fabric, I wanted to make a “top” of the dress in one pattern and the “bottom” another and then use a coordinating color/print as a cute belt. I had gotten a “jelly roll” of fabric at Walmart. Now, if you don’t have a clue what this is, that’s ok, I am not 100% familiar with everything either. It looks similar to this.

Since posting this blog - I have learned that this below is a Jelly Roll. This is not what I used. I used what is called a SUPER STAX which is 8 fat quarters. I apologize for the confusion! This is what happens when you are self learning. So every time I mention Jelly Roll below, I mean, Super Stax. :)

This is not the one I used, but you get the picture right? See how its all "rolled" up.

It was over by the fat quarters. It’s a roll of different fabrics all from the same line that are cohesive in color and pattern. They are generally used for quilting as it is quiting cotton.

Here is the start of my dress.  I fell in love with the colors and decided this is what I wanted to use. Jelly Rolls make it easy if you struggle with trying to put fabrics together and wonder if the “go”. All the work is done for you, you just pick a few out of the roll and it “goes!”

 I decided to make a size 2 dress according to my pattern and a belt with a big flower.  I had JUST enough from the jelly roll to make this size, and the sleeves were SHORT. So, if you want to buy a jelly roll, you get a lot of different fabrics, but you are limited in what you can do. Just keep that in mind. I still have a bunch of fabric left for another little dress or 2 depending on size. I could have easily made the sleeves in a different fabric and really went wild, but we kept it to 3 patterns this time. J

This was my inspiration.



This was the finished product. Jelly Roll was $8 and I used not quite half so $4!

Then I tried it on and it was slightly short for my taste. I hate seeing diapers and I didn’t know what to do about a diaper cover. I threw on these leggings she has had forever under it and Wa-lah it turned out really cute!

Diva in training?

What do you think ?  Do you like the colors and patterns all together? 

What about the Fab Belt and Rosette? I couldn’t help but use one of my new buttons that have a royal seal on them. I mean what is Chrissy Couture without a crown? Eeeep!

I think I might make me one similar. They really are so easy!

Until Next time,

Stay Calm and consider using a Jelly Roll……hmmm now I’m getting hungry….

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