Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A bad day is still a day to be Thankful....

So I normally don't use this blog to vent or carry on about personal issues. I try to mainstream it to Chrissy Couture items I have created but I wanted to take a minute to go over my day yesterday.

While driving the infamous missing backpack to my in-laws house where my son was, I came upon a 4 way stop. Right after I stopped I saw a school bus pull up and stop. We both relatively got there at the same time, but since I had stopped and waited for them to stop, I made my way through the intersection first. (I knew something was going to happen, I could just feel the intuition, but I didn't know what so I went ahead). About 3/4 the way through...>BOOM. Smacked in the passenger rear of my van. The driver gets out, apologizes and says he just didn't even see me, it was completely his fault and that he couldn't believe he did that. Since I generally am a pleasant person, I told him it was no problem, we would get it worked out and he called in dispatch to the bus station to have them radio a policeman. In 20 years he said he has been driving a bus, he hadn't ever hit anything. I told him, well that's a Monday for us. Then his supervisor and the principle of the school arrive, (since we are literally right next to the school) and then a policeman shows up. Now all of a sudden the man is stating we got there at the same time and we must have just pulled out at the same time. I told the officer that although we did arrive close to the same time, I did arrive first and I was 3/4 through the intersection when he pulled out and that he admitted that I was in his blind spot and didn't see me. The police officer told me I was free to go and I went on to take my son his backpack for school. My mother in law suggested I stop by my insurance agent since it was close by and just let them know what was coming their way. Deep down I had an awful feeling that it was going to be called duel fault. The police officer kept stating "well are you sure you both just didn't arrive at the same time?". My nerves for the day began. I also stop by the body shop and get an estimate and am told that because my van is older and not "worth" what it will cost to repair, that they may just count it as a total loss. Hmmmm. I don't know too much about this stuff and I understand that insurance companies don't want to pay more than a vehicle is worth, but I do know before 8am yesterday morning, I had a vehicle that ran reliably and had relatively new tires put on it, so It may not be worth much to insurance, but finding another reliable vehicle for the amount of money they are likely to give us just sent me into an anxiety attack.

(Now why in the world was I so worried about this?? Gods got it all under control! I think because on Sunday I made up my mind I was going to trust HIM and either the devil thought he would throw me a curve ball and try and discourage me or the Lord was testing me. Either way, I know today that its all under his control and I am going to end up with something better than before and its all going to work out.)

Police report comes out and sure enough it is noted dual fault. The school's insurance agent said he didn't know how they would not be responsible considering where my damage was, but it wasn't up to him to make that call. So now I have to deal with insurance companies and begin looking for a vehicle. I needed something better on gas anyway, so maybe its a blessing in disguise. :)
I have also been on an ice crunching kick. I went through Mcdonalds last night to just get a cup of ice. About half way through it I look in and see a dead fly looking back at me! GAG! Thinking about it now even grosses me out. GRRRR! At that point I was just ready to go to bed.

I caught part of the Kardashians (don't judge) before I went to sleep and I heard Kris Jenner say "its been a good day" in regards to her new grand baby being born and I thought "you know what? My kids weren't in the van, No one was hurt, we are all healthy and God has provided so far my needs, so why do I worry he won't continue?" So regardless of how terrible I thought the day was yesterday, when I laid my head down last night and was praying I was able to say, Thank you Lord for a good day! Things could have been a lot worse and I am thankful that even though I spazed out a bit and had an anxiety attack, that I know he is in control and that's enough comfort to me.

I hope you have enjoyed my little personal blog today. Hope it encourages you and helps you realize that no matter what. Jesus has "GOT THIS"! He has it all in his hands and that is so much more reliving than thinking its in mine.

Stay Calm.....and really stay calm, Jesus got yo back! ;)

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