Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting the hang of these sleeves and running out of elastic....

So I think I am going to designate Tuesday's as Chrissy Couture night. Over the weekend I was asked if I had a business card for my designs and I was extremely flattered, but Chrissy Couture isn't quite in the market yet to purchase. Now I say that by saying if someone just really loved something I did and wanted one, I would be more than happy to oblige, but I am not in "business" mode. I am in "having fun and enjoy the therapy that creating gives me mode."

So on to last night. I finished the rest of my Jelly Roll pieces by making Miss O another dress. Here is the start of it.

I decided I wanted to try a longer sleeve. I got all of my pieces cut and sewn and ready for the model in less than 2 hours. I am getting the hang of this pattern and I love it. Its simple but can be altered in so many ways! I was almost finished when I ran out of elastic. Oh no! So I searched and searched and thankfully I found some more. What a tragedy it would have been if I wouldn't have been able to finish the garment in time for the runway show!

I opted out on the belt this time and went with a large hot pink bow at the top.

What do you think? Am I getting better at this pattern?

We had a little model issue. She really wasn't feeling it and threw one of her dramatic fits.
 I am a good mom so I photographed it for you. haha.

There that is a little better. A smiling model always makes it better. It also didn't help that these are Cell phone camera pics and there was no natural light.

I am pretty proud of it.

Noah asked what I was going to make for him, so I see a Spiderman shirt or something in our future.
Can't leave him out!

Until Next time....

Stay Calm and don't forget the elastic......

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