Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Arriving right on time.....

So here we are…

Starting a new journey and am buckled up and ready to go! Chrissy Couture is excited to be blogging! Hopefully you will enjoy my thrift finds, craft projects, photography, and my new attempt at sewing! All in a day’s work (actually all in the few hours after I come home from my paying job). Perhaps if I only needed 2 hours of sleep a night, imagine what I could get done! But, we know that this feisty diva momma needs her beauty rest.

I scored some major vintage fabric at a thrift store across town. .50 cents each! I had to get them all, I just had to. Can’t wait to see what they become! Does anyone else ever have a hard time cutting into a beautiful vintage fabric? I am so afraid I am going to mess it up. (even if I did only pay .50 for it). So side note...I've only been sewing for a few months...trying to get the hang of it. So if I post something the incorrect or easier way, let me know! I am just self learning here. Also had a major excitement when I got 40 new colored metal zippers for $1.00. Yes all of them for a $1.00. There really isn’t an art to thrifting it just takes a little patience. Sometimes you find wonderful treasures like above, and sometimes you leave empty-handed and you throw yourself down on the sidewalk in an utter sobbing manner…(too much?) I digress…..

Soon I will figure out pictures and such and you can see what I am talking about….I know you are going to love it!

But for now…
Stay Calm…and Thrift On….


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