Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get Real

Ok, So I have to realize that I need to blog everyday, regardless of how exciting Chrissy Couture is going. I have many things I want to share today, but without fancy pictures and links, its defeating. I have no doubt it will come, so for now we will take baby steps.

Our town has a huge hwy yard sale. For miles and miles you can shop till you drop on all the yard sale goodies you heart desires.

My hubby surprised me at work with a Hardees Cinnamon Raisin Biscuit and I was thrilled. Love those yummy carbs! Anyway, what really excited me more than that, was a comforter size bag, full of folded felt in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. I have been wanting to do a few things with felt, but really didn't want to make a purchase of it until I was ready to work on that project. Does anyone else have like 3 projects you are working on? I have at least 3 projects in process and about 5 more in my head. :) Sorry, Sidetracked again! He got it all for $1.00! Yay! So can't wait to share the fabulousness with you that comes from that.

My most current project that I am dedicating most of my time to is a Independence Day wreath. I have some amazing Red, White, and Blue, striped vintage fabric, along with some denim rosettes will be awesome! Perfect for Summer! My inspiration for for my wreath is brought on from this lovely one posted here.

Also Ruffle Bracelets from Bias tape. I came across this by accident. Isn't that where the best come from? I made my daughter Livy the most adorable red ruffle one out of some left over bias. I will post a tutorial and pictures. Promise. :)

Thanks for coming over, I am sure I will be telling you of the wonderful things I find this weekend.

Until then,
Stay Calm....and Be Fabulous!

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  1. This is gorgeous! I'm gonna have to attempt to make it! <3