Thursday, May 24, 2012

Most Magical Place on Earth....

A few weeks back we were able to take the long drive to Florida to visit Walt Disney World. Flying was just way to expensive and we thought, "its only 16 hours or so". What were we thinking?? Noah was extremely excited and Livy, well she was tired of riding in a car seat.

Frankly after a few hours, Momma was tired of being in the car as well. We made it though. Nothing was more exciting than seeing the entrance.

We stayed at Disney's All Star Movie Restort, in the Toy Story section. It was quite amazing the details Disney puts into their rooms, decor, food...etc.

pic from our door

We are able to meet a few characters along the way.....

Check out Livy's face. She is very "oh no you didnt come near me"

Of course Chrissy Couture had to whip up something for the kids to wear to the parks. You know so someone could say "where did you get that outfit?" and I modestly say "Oh i made it," and thus an empire begins of a lady wanting to purchase thousands and I am instanty zapped into this world of Fashion and fame.... ok so I am a big dreamer.

I ended up spending the most time on Miss Livy's clothes. I got this pre-smocked fabric from walmart for about $4. It was 9.97 a yrd, but I only needed about 1/3 of a yard. It was super easy. Sew ends together with print facing each other and voila! I added a little strap because I felt inspired but it does nothing to hold the garment. (and you cant see it in the picture of course.) What I love is it will fit for a while.

Next up. I spent a lot of time on this, and as it was my first undertaking of adding an applique and ruffles to a shirt, it didnt turn out "perfect" but I was pleased. I think she models it perfectly and makes the imperfections hard to see.

We lucked out at Magic Kingdom when we were leaving and decided to get our pictured snapped. There happened to be a show going on at the castle and fireworks. Perfect timing or what?

Notice very sunburned arm and face....(look close Mickey and Minnie are on my head)

Noah got a shirt too. But it wasnt nearly as cute. He wanted a blue shirt and a red mickey. I wanted to put his name on it, but it never happened. It worked and was cute. Noah was all about the Characters. Livy was not as into it.

Love how Livy is like....I dont think so...

Although the kids got plenty of compliments (ok, mainly Livy) I received no offers to start my own childrens clothing brand or be the next best on Fashion Star or Project Runway. The kids (all three of them) had a great time anyway....


Maybe next time.... :)

Until that happens

Stay Calm......and Wish upon a Star...


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