Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Bapron

My night was fairly rough. My 1&1/2 year old decided she didn't want to sleep. She fell at her grandparents and had some battle wounds. I am sure if I bumped my head and had a scratched nose and face, I wouldn't want to sleep either.

We didn't get much done in the Chrissy Couture house last night. Both children were ready for bed early. And so was momma at that point.

Glad we have caffeine in the mornings to perk us up. My personal drug of choice is Diet Coke or McDonald's Sweet tea. (Note, I am not being reimbursed for mentioning these items). Today its my Diet Coke kind of morning. I always wanted to be a coffee drinker, sitting at my desk, hold my large coffee cup, like an important office person, but I just could never bare the bitter taste. I did try a chocolate creamer once and it was better the more I drank. I definitely think its an acquired taste.

As I run through my emails this morning, I see my numerous new blog updates from pages I am subscribed to. I follow many blogs. They range from Fashion, to sewing, and crafts. I look up to these ladies and think, wow, I wish I was talented enough to think of that. But instead of wallowing in depression of my lack of skills, I use their generous tutorials and then feel somewhat above the cut. (My friends now think I am "crafty and talented"). My latest tutorial was from Craftiness is not optional. She has a wonderful tutorial for "the Bapron". What is a Bapron you may ask? It is the perfect size bib for your toddler. Bib + Apron = Bapron. Not only does it cover where you need it the most, its a cute design that is difficult for them to take off. :) You can see her full tutorial here. Here is mine.

Do not look at the stitching too closely. This was one of those where I was too lazy to change the thread in my machine...so you can see every error. The only thing I did differently than the tutorial is I used a cloth diaper as my 'backing". It just happened to be what was handy at the time when I wanted to start the project. Sorry there are no pictures modeling it. Baby Livy doesn't want to wear a bapron at 9pm at night when momma finally finishes a project. Hope you check out her fabulous blog. It has amazing tutorials and is fun to follow!

Until next time...

Stay Calm....and Wake up...


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