Friday, July 20, 2012

10 minute maxi...2 hours later....

For Easter I wanted a new "Easter Dress" but did not have a lot of money and therefore figured I would just wear something I always wear. I came across this fabulous blog "Sewing in No Man's Land" and she has a tutorial for a "10 Minute Maxi Dress".

Even though I had never sewn a piece of clothing for myself, I thought, "this is just what I can do for Easter".

I ran to walmart and found this amazing fabric on clearance.

I love how it almost looks like zebra print. The colors are amazing that the weight of the fabric is just perfect for a maxi skirt. I would love to tell you what textile it is, but really I have no idea. I am still in the "it looks pretty" stage of fabric and haven't quite learned my textiles yet.

I follow the tutorial the best I think I know how to, adjusting here and there for my size which is probably double than the tiny model. :) (ok probably not double, but it feels that way when you are dealing with all this yardage of fabric)

I learned how to attach a shirt to a maxi skirt the proper way. Her tutorial I think explains it well, I just always do everything backwards and then learn how to do it the right way. The first time I attached my shirt to my skirt (you know it can never be good when there is more than a first time), I turn it all back right side out or so I thought and I had stitched the shirt on inside out. UGH. So, my trusty seam ripper who I really should name as we have become great friends, and I begin working on taking it all apart to re-pin correctly and re-sew.

Once I got it correctly sewn, and hemmed it was finally finished. 2 hours later. I have the look put together 2 different ways here.

For Easter, I just had a think black belt and a short waisted black Cardigan. (apologizes for the horrible picture quality)


Then for work today, I just threw it on with a purple Chrissy Couture Cardigan and a thick black belt to cinch the waist. I love that I am in full Chrissy Couture today.

Hope you try and make a Maxi! I love mine! Perhaps my next one will not take nearly as long to make!

Until next time....

Stay Calm and Maxi it up....

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