Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My "fair" lady.....

Sew........ I was lying in bed on Sunday taking my usual afternoon nap when I heard miss Livy start crying in her crib. My husband came down the hall to get her and when he did, I knew he had already been out to the fair to see how my entries had done, I asked him how I 'faired'.

I was utterly disappointed. He said none of my photos placed at all. My heart sank. None? Not even a 3rd? None. So as I begin to question him about what did win, he forgets what all I entered. Turns out later I find out that I still had hope for my black and white "still life" entry.

It placed 2nd! Its not a blue ribbon, but I will take it. Thankfully at least ONE of my photos placed. I was beginnging to think that everyone was being way to nice about how they loved my photos.

 I was hoping more of my photography would have placed, but it is all subjective and I think perhaps I put some of them in the wrong categories. My child collage probably would have done better under "candid child" rather than portrait, but it is what it is. Out of the hundred or so of entries, I was pleased at least one of my photos placed.

My wreath got 2nd as well.
You can learn to make your own here. There were 4 entries and so I was pleased that I placed.

My purse that I whipped together the night or so before entries were due got 3rd. Now normally I would be thrilled that something I threw together would place, but since there was only 3 entries and I got 3rd place, I wasn't feeling so fantastic about it.
I still win a whopping $1.00 for 3rd place..... so I will take it. haha.

My beloved color bus/van picture did not place at all.
I was really disappointed at first. The first place picture for "still life" was some dead fish on ice. Like I said, it is all subjective. I was standing looking at the photos Monday night and at 2 different times when people would pass (not knowing who took what photos) they would comment on how awesome "that picture is of those buses/vans". I think I got all the confirmation I needed more than a blue ribbon from hearing strangers speak up about my photo, (esp since they didn't know the photographer was standing next to them). :)

So overall, some would say I did really well. I tend to have high expectations for myself so I am learning to say I did great, (even though secretly I wish I would have done better)

Oh well, its a learning experience every time you try something year I will know more and will be able to "Rock it!~"haha.

Stay Calm......and step outside your comfort zone sometime....

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