Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Repetition is Puzzling

Am I really old enough to start seeing history repeat itself? I think the following has been said many times by women everywhere:

Girl A: "You think this is in style? should I get rid of it?"
Best Friend: "It doesn't matter. Hang on to it long enough and it will come back in style."

The Fashion Evolution is so funny. I love vintage and retro things. I love that whole era and if I had the cute bod to show off those styles better, I would wear 50's dresses everyday! (OK, so maybe a few times a week).It amazes me how styles from when I was a kid are starting to "refashion" up all over the place, making this 28 year old feel so old!

Fashion however, is not what I am talking about today. I saw the most interesting thing for sale. I shook my head a little.

The Telephone Evolution. You know, for most of us, we had a home phone that had a dial tone and it was mainly a cordless, or a wall mounted with buttons. Here is the best picture I could find explaining the evolution so far. I have heard my mom talk about "party lines" when she was younger and I have a "decorative" phone that is similar to the first one in the picture. I was always fascinated by "turning" the dial when I would occasionally have to use on of those phones.
See over the years how the phone has evolved?

I would assume that many people have given up thier "land" line phone and have gone strictly to celluar. I know we did a few years ago. I find it very cool that technology has came as far as it has. I carry my cell everywhere. Its my communication highway to my children, family, friends. I should have never ever bought a smart phone. I now know why they are called smart phones. I never feel like I can go back to a regular phone now. I mean if circumstances were that I HAD to, of course I wouldn't like it, but lets just say I would never WANT to. Its got me hooked, so I guess it is a "smart" phone.

So I was walking through walmart the other day and I saw this. Its a handset phone you can plug into your IPhone.......

(Giving you a moment to let it sink in)

Is it just me or are we taking a huge step backwards in the area of technology? I mean I get that this is probably for a up and coming "tween" who has never seen such a cool device, but I was kind of amazed that there would even be a market.

But Chrissy, what if you need to do something hands free and the IPhone is too small to do that?

But Chrissy, what if you are just laying in bed and you want to talk but its hard to hold the phone next to the pillow?

Ummm...Speaker phone?

Am I a little too much Absewlutely Sarcastic Chrissy Couture today? I just don't understand everything I guess. I suppose if you want to be one of the cool kids you can run out an buy one. I am sure they will catch on like Ninja Turtles, Neon, and all the other cool stuff from the 80's. (Although I am sorry Big Hair, but I am not bringing that sexy mess back)

You can even go here and get one while supplies last! (OK so I don't think supplies are limited, it just more fun to say it that way)

Until then....look around... the world is changing everyday...but really just repeating itself in a modern way!

Stay Calm ...... and feel old.

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