Monday, July 16, 2012

Fabulous Paper Flowers

This weekend was fairly normal. We had some friends over for a birthday and had a great time. One of the friends of mine is a crafta-holic! I mean she is super talented with crafty things. She can look at something and see what it can be, which I totally am jealous of. There I said it. I love being crafty and creating things, but there are times I feel like I am just replicating something I have seen, where she can take nothing and turn it into something amazing.

Where am I going with all of this? We made these fabulous paper flowers.

These were so amazingly easy. The hardest part is literally untwisting the paper. Want to know how we made these fabulous flowers?

Well, the story goes like this…she saw I had a whole roll of Paper Capers Twisted Paper sitting on my shelf .


I had no clue what it was because, since I am just entering this world of creative wonderfulness, I know very little of what is out there. She asked what I was doing with it and I told her I didn’t know what it was because it came in the bag of goodies I got from Hwy 50 yard sales. I have just had it on the shelf ever since. She explained that back in the 90’s it was really popular to make bows out of, that is it basically twisted paper and you untwist it and can make things out of it.

We proceeded to play with it a little when she folded her piece and cut it into a petal like shape. Once it was folded over it made the most darling petals, so of course we had to make a few flowers.

You will want a couple different length of strips. I believe we had 4 for the bottom, 3 for the middle and 2 for the top. So the bottom strips will naturally be longer and the middle a little shorter and the top the shortest. It all depends on how big you want your flower to be and how big you cut your original bottom strips. Cut your rope pieces as I like to call them and start untwisting. You will get this.

Once you get your strips all untwisted and flat, round the ends. You can do this with each end, or you can fold them in half and do both ends at once. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s a flower, and that is what makes it great. Once you get the ends shaped, twist the middle of it .

Then once you get the middle twisted, cross the middle pieces over and it begins to look like petals.
Then take a piece of felt, fabric, extra paper and begin gluing your pieces on it. I just placed the 4 bottom pieces together in the middle of the paper, then as I added pieces to the next layer, I kept the twisted piece in the middle of the flower.
When you are done it will look similar to this.
You can leave it or add a cute button or accent to give it that “flower punch”.
It was so fun, we made 3.

Fabulous right? And so easy! You can add these to almost anything. I will be adding mine to a wreath....but the possibilities are endless...

Until then,

Stay Calm…..and check out twisted paper! J

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