Friday, July 13, 2012

These are the days of our lives.....

Nothing to exciting going on in the land of Chrissy Couture this week. Well I guess that is dependant on what I feel like I should or shouldn't blog about. It has been an extremely busy and emotionally exhausting week. Does that count as exciting?

My uncle who lives a few hours away got severely dehydrated and was put in the hospital. He is doing much better now, but Monday was a bit stressful.

My mom's aunt passed away so I got a surprise visit from her since she was already so close to my town so she stopped in and spent the night. The kids loved having her and I miss her already.

Its just been a crazy week. I have not sat down at the sewing machine for at least a week and since I feel it does give me a great sense of accomplishment and therapy, I feel a "session" is in the works.

We have our county fair coming up and I am thinking of entering in some photography pieces and possibly some door decorations into the exhibits. I have always had the desire to, but for many reasons and some excuses, I have always just sat back and let friends do thier thing. This year, I am embracing my creative side and doing it. There, now that I told the world I will be held accountable right?

Here are some of the photos I am thinking about entering. For some reason some of them come out looking grainy when I upload them here. Not sure what that is all about. :-/

My fav! :)

What do you think? Do We think I have anything good here? :)

Here is a few of what our week has consisted of below.....

Noah refused to change into pajamas and wore his buzz lightyear costume to bed.

Someone got a hold of a red pen and thought it would be fun to draw lines on themselves. Thankfully with a little scrubbing it came off!

This is what shows up on my camera phone if Noah get ahold of it. Everytime! He loves taking pictures of feet.

Hope everything is going just as fun and crazy in your world. It seems like this Crazy Chrissy Couture train isn't slowing down anytime soon.... :)

Until Next Time

Stay Calm.....and capture the little moments...

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