Wednesday, July 18, 2012

VW Van, Maxi Dress, and a Camera

Sew...... if you remember, our county fair is coming up next week. For years, and I mean years I have desired to enter items into the fair but never did. Some of the reasons were fear I wasn't good enough, some were I was afraid to offend friends that were doing it, and some was just plain laziness.  I would browse through the family arts building, looking at all the awesome things people made and feel so "untalented". I have always had a creative desire, but it just never has been supported or nurtured, so I just kept it back in the secret parts of myself in fear of "what if what I do isn't good enough?"

Well Chrissy Couture is here now and she is becoming more confident in her creative side. So confident that she stops at a random house to see if she can photograph some things out behind their barn.

Am I crazy? I mean the house looked like a pretty nice well-kept farm. It didn't "look" like a bunch of psychopaths that killed people lived there, so I pulled in and knocked on the door.

No Answer. (heart sinks)

I wait a little longer. No answer still.

I reluctantly walk back to my van and as I do, I do notice that there are cars (big farm trucks) parked at this garage behind their house. I think, "well it is nice out, perhaps they are sitting outside". I take 2 steps that direction when I am met by a huge dog greeting me with not a wagging tail and smile, but a ferocious barking growl. I decide to play dead standing still if you can imagine. I knew better than to take off running. Nothing says “Attack” like a running target. The owner walks out of the open door to his garage and asks if he can help me.

I wish I could give you the dialog, but for the most part, I told him I was not there to sell him anything, but wanted to see if I could take a couple pictures of his VW van behind his barn. I told him I see it everyday when I drive into work and wanted to take some photos of it. He wanted to know if I was wanting to buy it and I said no, just take some pictures. He looked at me terribly confused and I begin rambling, as I do when I am nervous, that I have no ulterior motives, that I just want to take some pictures for fun, that I might enter them into the fair, but that is all. His wife exits the house at this time and he tells her that this girl wants to take pictures of the vans and if she would take me back there. She responds that he can walk me back there. "Great", I’m thinking.  "Now he can take me behind the barn and slaughter me". (yes I have a twisted mind, or maybe to much of a realist)

As we are walking back way behind his house to the barn, he mentions how he has people stop all the time wanting to buy these, but no one ever does, just hippie kids. (And me in my maxi dress and camera I am sure screams hippie chick).  We finally get back to the barn and there is a “be still my heart” moment. As silly as it sounds, there is farm junk,  broken down old vehicles and beauty beyond measure. Since I was already stepping way out of my box to get where I was, I should have just went with it and took pictures of everything while I was there, but my nerves at the time wanted me to get the picture I wanted of the van and get out of there.

I ended up with 3 pictures. I obviously made it back to my van and home to get them on the computer. As I was walking back up to his house, I asked what their names were in case someone wanted to know where these were at and he very strongly remarked that I needed to just forget where I took them and to not tell anyone. Yes Sir!.  I seriously think he thought I was an artsy hippie, that had just done some serious drugs.

Was it worth all of the effort? See for your self. These are 2 of the 3. The very first one I took was blurry. Probably from trying to hurry and being nervous as he watched me.

Think these are fair worthy? "Still Life" entries in color and B&W.
I will be mounting them tonight, along with these others I decided on to enter tomorrow. 

These will be part of a collage color entry "portrait"

Aflac? Animal Entry

I am really excited about the fair this year. I made a handbag last night that I am sure I will blog about later and I have the fabulous Harvest Wreath to enter as well.

As one of my friends would say...thanks for visiting "Chrissy's Craft Corner" haha. :)

Until Next time...

Stay Calm.....and really just Stay Calm, not everyone is a pyschopath.

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