Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I fought the heat and the heat won....

So this last week and weekend the temperatures hit record highs since the 30's. I sit in a freezing office cubicle all day, so I welcome the heat. I do feel bad for those without air conditioning or that have to be outside in the heat, but when I leave my office, I am many miles towards home before I even think to turn on the air. I am what I call "thawing" out from the cold.

So my Best Gal came over to do a pinterest project that she had seen and since we always thrift, we thought we would give it a little of a go. Well with temperatures above 100, 3 wild kids and 2 hot mommas, it just wasn't working out. We got some craft items and went home. We bought the kids a few little things to paint so they would feel involved as well. (Plus I secretly thought it would keep them busy while we did out little project.)

My son is just like me in certain ways. I am just now getting more into my artsy creative side. When I was younger, it wasn't so much about how creative and cute, it was just getting it done. We purchased a flower pot, a can coozie, and a little canvas for them to paint. I was thinking this would last a good hour or more. Well my son is all about quickness. He wasn't to get it done and move on to the next thing. I think he had everything painted in about 20 minutes. Thank goodness for Toy Story 2 on the DVR. (not that they ended up watching any of it, at one point both Noah and his friend Kaylie were stomping around in his cowboy boots playing).

This is what Livy did while we crafted. I don't know if this makes me a bad mom or a good one. I figured she needed a bath anyway so might as well let her dig in.

Here is Gina, Aka Charlie's Angel number 4, working on her button art. For someone who is what she calls a "craft virgin", she did pretty fabulous and I was secretly jealous of how fabulous her tree turned out. (guess its not so secret anymore ;))

While we were finishing up, I got a call about a yard sale a few blocks from my house. So, we loaded up all the kids to run over there. Oh my was it so hot! It instantly changed all the kids into fussy tired whiny ones. We realized it probably wasn't the best decision we had made and jetted back home. I did score 2 huge boxes of vintage patterns though. All of them for $2!

Now I have some cute boxes to keep my patterns in. I am also clearly obsessed with children's vintage patterns. I still can't get over how short the little dresses are.

After we got the kids settled back in to the house, she finished her button art, I showed her how to make super cute easy flowers.

She made one and so did I. I will post a tutorial soon I promise.

That about wrapped up our weekend. Hope yours was fab! 

Hope you all have a safe and fun 4th!

Until then
Stay Calm....and Keep Cool!

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