Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No sewing, Easy Harvest Wreath

 It is somewhat humorous to me that I have made so many wreaths since I started crafting. I never ever thought about doing any of them when I first started sewing. It really has been alot of fun. Remember the paper flowers we made? Well a friend of mine and I put them to good use Sunday night LATE and made a fabulous burlap wreath.

Want to know how we did it? Its super simple.

We did not have an actual "wreath" to work off of, and we knew we wanted the burlap ruffled, so we cut the bottom off of 2 wire hangers (yes back in the very back of your closet surely you have one wire hanger ready for when you lose your mind). We stretched those out and our wreath made a boxy like shape. This was totally ok with us. We folded the bottom "hanger hook" in and then clipped it down.
Then we took strips of burlap and threaded them on the hanger using a zig zag "stitch". I was a little hesitant at first, but the burlap's loose weave allows you to thread the hanger right on it.
We did the top hanger first, both sides, then bottom hanger. Then we attached the 2 hangers together with some electrical tape. The burlap then was a little harder to get over the electrical tape, but with a little maneuvering it was fine.

There were a few places where the ends of the strips needed a little persuading to get in line with the rest of the ruffles, so we hit a few spots with a glue gun.

Then the burlap wreath was finished.
We debated on where to put the Paper Flowers we made, but I love where we decided on .
Doesn't it just simply and elegantly say Harvest Wreath? This is heading into the fair this week and I am really excited about it. I don't expect to win anything over it, I am just excited about how cute it turned out and how easy it was.

What do you think?

Until next time.....

Stay Calm.....and try out some burlap...

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