Friday, November 16, 2012

Not your average scarf.....Couture Bow Scarf

So I follow many blogs. And when I say many, probably like 10. I can get overwhelmed easily. Anyone else? So I was reading "Ruffles and Stuff" by Disney, (yes that's her name, awesome right?) a week or two ago, (which was the first blog I ever started following) and she posted a tutorial on these fabulous bow scarves. The tutorial is so easy, I had to make one for myself.

I went and picked up some scarves from the dollar tree for $1 each. They are a very soft but thin fleece. I followed her tutorial here, so get over there and check it out. I mean if I can do it, anyone can.

All you basically do is sew 2-3 scarves together, (depending on length, I only used 2 and you can see its not real long) and then by folding and sewing a straight line, you create cutesie bows.

I used no specific technique or measuring. It turned out different than I thought, but I still love it. And its super cosy and warm. I love the couture look of it. Definitely beats the traditional "knot", "infinity" and other styles you see everywhere right now.
(although the Russian woman I work with thought I must be sick since I was wearing such a thick bulky scarf while am Chrissy Couture, Hello?!) ;)

 Next time I make one, I will probably plan my bows out a little better. But I think for a first time, she is definitely a keeper. What do you think?

Head over to Disney's blog, if you love ruffles, bows, and a cute little model, you will love her too!

Until next time,

Keep Calm.....and Bow it up! :)

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