Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hand over that Gobbler....

So I saw on Pinterest and even pinned a cute turkey where the feathers were made out of fall leaves.

It was so adorable and I was all prepared to do it with my kids.

Then I got to thinking... the leaves here are now brown and crunchy.....I could use fake leaves....OR....what if I had them trace their hands (in fall colors) and use those just cut out as feathers??

Now I did think of this on my own and was very proud I was so creative, however I am sure there are a bazillion other people who have thought of this too.

Ever have a moment when you envision your children....sitting quietly but excitedly at the table....tracing their hands....giggling....sharing the supplies....having a magical moment of memories?

Unfortunately what you get is the two fighting over identical paper plates....the 20 month old wanting to climb on top of the table....crying and yelling ....snack distraction mess.....yeah you can imagine.

So with all my dreams and hopes smashed for a sweet memoratic (is that a word?) moment.....Livy's project got as far as 2 hands traced and then she ate some cookies in jail....(ahem, I mean her high chair.)

The Hand Turkey and mini tutorial ...

All you need is :

Paper plate
Colored paper (or you could have them color white paper )
Ink pen/marker

First trace (or have your child trace) their hands. I had them trace both hands.

Once you get all of the hands traced cut them out. I cut some and Noah cut some. I didn't look to hit a certain amount. I think we ended up with 12 or 13 total. We also cut through 2 pieces at once to "double our hands" and shorten our time. This would all depend on how big your hands are and how big your plate is.

Once all the hands were cut out, I took a paper plate ....and flipped it over.

I had him place the "feathers" where he decided. I resisted the urge to guide him where I wanted them to go and in the end he did awesome.

We then glued down the hands where he placed them.

After all the hands were glued, I drew out a "bowling pin" like shape on the brown paper. Noah then cut him out.

That became Mr. Turkey's neck. An extra piece of red cut in a triangle for a little beak and 2 black eyes.

Once all dry, I trimmed around the white edges of the paper plate so that the white is hidden by the feathers.

Now you have a wonderful fun and cute fall/Thanksgiving decor.

The experience didn't quite go as expected but it turned out cute and he was proud of it.

Try it out....the kids will love it....or fight continuously as you try to be a "crafty" mom. (haha)

Stay calm.....and Gobble On....

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