Monday, November 12, 2012

Manic Monday : A lower calorie way to enjoy your Salad...

So, It is no secret that I am not a huge salad eater. I joke a lot about it being "rabbit food" and many times I just can't enjoy it. Honestly, I would just rather have a cheeseburger. My salad, when its made, usually consists of a little salad, and then a various large assortment of toppings. Basically, its toppings with a little salad added in. The main topping I struggle with is dressing. I love good ole, Ranch. I love a lot of good ole Ranch. I can not have a dry salad, then it just seems like I am eating grass. I have been trying to eat healthier and watch my calories some, and I was trying to think of ways to eat my salad with more salad, less dressing.

I know the age old "dressing on the side" tip where you dip your fork in the dressing and then get salad, but its still just too dry for me. I think I discovered something that I know works for me, so if you like cottage cheese it will work for you.

CAUTION: I know some people are very ANTI- cottage cheese, and that is your right. Beware that I love it and will be using it in the example below. If you need to end reading now, I hate to see you go, but the show must go on! :)

Side note: None of the brands below gave me anything or sent me anything to write this post. I want to make that very clear....but if they would like to in the future that would be ok too. haha.

You will need:

Salad mix

Low fat Cottage Cheese

Pepperoni slices
(you can use a variety of what you like, but this is what I used cause it was easy and yummy)

Easy directions...

Get a large helping of salad on your plate. See easy right....(I know, this is the hardest step for me.)

Put your peperoni's on...You get 16 for 1 serving, so I usually only put about 10 down.

Add a half a cup of cottage cheese to the top....(I also finish with the other 6 peperoni's, you didnt' think I would pass on a full serving of something did you?? :)

I sprinkle a little pepper on because I am cool like that....

And its ready to devour!

Cottage cheese has enough texture like dressing and goes much farther than a tablespoon of a higher calorie dressing. Plus all the protein benefits to help keep you full. A half cup goes pretty far and its Yummilicious.

I hope if you like cottage cheese and aren't a huge salad fan that you try it out....

It just may change your world forever....(or at least lunch time)


Until next time....

Stay calm.....and eat more Rabbit Food

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