Monday, November 5, 2012

Easy Peasy Cheesy Chicken and Noodle Casserole

This is not a glamorous or healthy recipe, however it can be altered probably to use "low fats" where possible.

It is quite delish, so I thought I would share. And did I mention its easy peasy?

Easy Cheesy Chicken and Noodle Casserole

1 bag of Noodles. (I used just plain wide egg noodles)

2 cans Cream of Chicken Soup

1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup

2 Cans pre-cooked chicken (this is a time saver, you could always cook chicken breasts and then shred)

1 Bag of Shredded Cheese. (I believe I used Mexican blend, but your favorite will work fine)

Boil your Noodles like normal in a large pot. Drain. Mix the noodles and soup and chicken and put back on the stove, stirring until nice and hot/warm. Once "cooked", Add a handful or 2 of cheese to the top and let it simmer on low for a few minutes to melt the cheese.

Then Devour!

This is a really thick casserole. I always add a little extra cheese to my bowl, well because I love it.

This makes about 6 servings. A little goes a long way.

Calories : Do not even want to know. :)


Stay Calm......and Add a little more cheese....

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