Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SpiderMan Trick or Treat Bucket

So ever since little Noah decided he wanted to be spiderman for Halloween, we were blessed to get a "hand me down" Spiderman Costume from a friend. He isn't a big fan of stuff on his face, so no mask, or paint...he likes it just this way.

Of course I had previously made him a SpiderMan cape, but now that he has an "actual" costume, The cape isn't as exciting. It was fun while it lasted. :)

So the other night he asked for a "Spiderman Bucket" to put all of his trick-or-treat goodies in. I told him I would try and make him one.

It was alot easier than I thought. Took about 10 minutes. (waiting on the glue gun took the longest!)

McDonald's Happy Meal Bucket (remember we have quite a few of these laying around from the past weeks)

Blue Felt. I have a huge lot of this stuff that I got at a yard sale that is cut into strips. I used these for the Spiderman cape.

I cut the strips into equal piece and then hot glued them around the bucket. I placed the piece from once side, to underneath, to the other side. The next piece I changed directions so it would "cross" at the bottom of the bucket.

Once I got all the felt on, I remember I bought a remnant piece of Spiderman fabric at Hobby Lobby a week or two ago. I cut out spiderman and glued him on front. Attached some red ribbon as the handle and its ready for candy.

Easy! And will go great with his costume. :)

Until next time......

Stay calm......and stay away from all the candy!

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