Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkins, Wagons, Hay....and a meltdown....

Every year since Noah was little, we (mainly I) started the tradition of going out and picking pumpkins. I either blocked out so many memories from childhood that either I just don't remember it, or we never did it. I remember us getting pumpkins once in a while, but felt lacking in the "going out on a hay ride and picking the perfect dirty pumpkin"...etc.

This fall has been a whirlwind different for us. My husband started a new job, the kids schedules have been uprooted and are in full time daycare, my father in law's health is in decline, and it has just made our schedule almost impossible for us all to be together to go and pick pumpkins.

Sunday, (the day I normally plan nothing because we attend church twice) we decided to stop on the way home since we were all together and let the kids pick pumpkins. We had never been to this patch before, so we really didn't know what to expect.
This was at the entrance. All Smiles here. The wind was very strong and it looked like it might rain, but we were able to get in and out before any rain thank goodness.

I loved how they had these little wagons to pull around to put your pumpkins in. Noah immediately was all over that.

Sweet Livy was so tired. She almost fell asleep before we got there, so she wanted to pull the wagon too, but didn't want anyone to help her. Independent little girl? Stubborn? Just like her momma? I digress....

Noah Immediately found "the perfect pumpkin".

He spent no time really looking and deciding, although he did a good job. Last year he picked one with the bumps and ridges all over it. You know the ones that are cute to decorate with, but cant imagine carving. Yeah one of those.

Livy found one too she wanted, but she would get frustrated because (she was tired) she wasn't strong enough to carry it.

Oh no, then meltdown occurs.

Do you ever have in your mind a planned out little time for your children, hoping to catch a really sweet moment of the two of them and you end up with things like this?

It seems to never ever go the way I hoped or planned. So quick thinking momma asked her if she wanted to ride. Yes, I realize it was filled with pumpkins and dirt, but it kept her from having a screaming meltdown. (and we think those moms on Toddlers and Tiaras are mean!)

Once she had calmed down, I coerced Noah to run around and get a picture with sissy.

We abandoned the opportunity to do the hayride, paid for our pumpkins and drove home. I think sissy was asleep within 5 minutes down the road.

Now to the fun part of carving and lighting. :)

 Until next time....

Stay calm ........and just go with it, you can't control everything....

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