Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sweet Poof Flower

So I recently started following another blog, (surprised?). Its just so easy to put your email in the little box and have it delivered to your email daily. And since I sit at a computer all day, its nice to get a little break when I get a new blog email.

I have one of these too if you want to follow me...(wink wink:)

So anyway the new blog I began following is I Am Momma Hear Me Roar. She has a ton of cute tutorials on many different things. I saw this Autumn Bloom Belt and thought it was super cute.

She gives a full tutorial on it and the pictures are probably way better than mine, but I took pictures of what I did in case you are lazy like me and want to just keep reading.

So I didn't make the belt. I just made one of the "poof flowers". These need a better name, but honestly, I can't think of what would be a good one at the moment. Maybe I will revisit the idea later and give them a proper name. Right now, Poof Flowers will just have to work.

Start with a felt or a soft but firmer fabric. I used one of the extra scarves I had left over from this bow scarf.

I cut a long strip down one side of the scarf.

Then I cut the little "tails" of the ends.

Then you take your scissors and just cut lines down the scarf strip. I tried to get them all the same length, but I wasn't too worried about the spacing. Just roll with it. It will be fine.

Here is my strip after I got all the little notches cut.

Now where the fun begins. Make sure you plug in your glue gun and let it get hot while you are cutting. Take an end and dab a little glue and roll the strip onto itself.
Then add a little more glue, roll some more, add a little more glue....etc. Get the picture?

Once you get to the end or the size you want, glue the end in place, flip over and start feathering or splitting all the little ends.

You will end up with a floppy Poof Flower. Attach a pin to the back to add to a shirt, or a clip for a hair piece. Or you could get real ambitious like IAMMOMMA and make a few more and make a cute belt.

Its very soft and very cute. I will probably make more of these.

Hope you enjoy my little tutorial. This one is super easy. Glue gun, scissors and fabric. Easy Peasy.

Until Next time,

Keep Calm......and make easy Poof Flowers....

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