Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sweet Sweet Vintage Pinafore.....

So last week I said I would get the pinafore dress up that I had made. Did anyone see that get posted? Raise your hand if you are terribly disappointed....(one, two.....too many to count) By the way, I am raising my hand too. So as promised from last week, here is the finished sweet Pinafore dress.

The bloomers are two sided. Vintage Red and white for the front, and ruffly snowmen for the bum. Now some would think I was just being fancy making it two sided. Should I tell you I ran out of fabric and had to piece together what was left to make it? Nah, I will keep it a secret.

I love the vintage sewing pattern I have. I love how it criss-crosses in the back leaving an open space for a ruffled up bum! I got the old vintage pattern while thrifting.  I went for it and the whole thing is lined. So no worries of seeing the ugly side of fabric. The fabric consisted of some vintage red and white polka dot polyester like material and then some cotton scraps of this cutsie snowman print. 

Here is part of the ruffles on the sweet little bloomers.... 

And lets not forget the cute Grinch color vintage buttons. (love me some Mr. Grinch)
For not really using a "button holer" attachment or anything fancy, I am quite proud of the amount of buttons I put on things. :)

And a little Instagram fun of the whole project together.

So there you have it as promised. My little princess is in a 2/3 but this was a size 4 and fit her perfectly. When I get her in it and snap some pics, I will be sure to post. (I know a good blogger would have already done this, but just be patient with me here...lol)

Until next time....

Keep Calm ......and watch The Grinch. :)

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