Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Keeping it a Gender Reveal....

So most of you know I am not only a mom to 2 going on 3 kids, but I work full time as well. Sick kids up throughout the night leaves momma awake too, and then they fall back asleep right before the alarm goes off for work.....SNOOZE BUTTON! Let me tell you, days like today really have me frazzled. You know, like the teacher off of the magic school bus.

Thankfully I keep the frizz to a minimum but these two jobs can wear a woman down! I am thankful for the strength and grace the Lord gives me everyday to make it. No, my house isn't near spotless. No, I am not sure where Olivia just found that half eaten cookie from the other night. No, there is never an end to the amount of laundry that has to be done.....all the while trying to take care of my gems and being at work by 8:00am in the morning. Maybe I need to be a little better organized. I mean with a another one coming in July, we got to get on a better schedule.
By the way....we had our ultrasound at 18 weeks yesterday.......

Like my fancy cake? It was pretty delicious if you want to know. :)

The pink strawberry cake revealed that its a Girl! So there will be lots of fun things to make! Why do girls seem more fun to sew for than boys? (of course I have been requested for a spider man shirt and a ninja costume....yes sir... I will try and get right on those).

Anyway, Rant complete. When I started this blog, it was for different reasons. I wanted an outlet that I could use for posts just like this. We all can be a little transparent and say...Hey, I pretend like I got it all together, but I am just a normal person too! I also wanted to be able to post the cute things that I have learned to make by other amazing blogs and share them.

This blog has been great therapy for me at times even if it just simply because I had 47 page views from the UK on that ONE day. This may be frivolous to many but with only 70 or so posts in less than a year, I saw today I am getting ready to hit 3000 page views. Some posts of course get hit multiple times a day. Especially hair plopping or my Project Failed Runway post. It makes me happy to know that people are reading it. Comments are ALWAYS a bright ray of sunshine too.. :)

So I leave you with this today....I am gonna be more real. One of my greatest strengths is trying to be a perfectionist. One of my greatest weaknesses is trying to be a perfectionist. I am just going to be me, and for once know that it is good enough.

Until Next time....

Keep Calm.....and Carry On....

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