Monday, January 28, 2013

Project (Failed) Runway Wannabe

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon when I take my usual siesta, I caught up on the first episode of the new season of Project Runway instead. This season it is teams, which is an interesting twist.  Although I do not care at all for the “drama” or some of the lifestyles of some of the contestants, I usually fast forward through any drama just to see the Tim Gunn critiques and the end fashion show.

After watching the episode I was instantly inspired to take some fabric I had been stashing and make a cute maxi dress out of it. I have been on the blog down low lately because I have been getting iron infusions due to this little noodle I am carrying has decided to take all of mine. Its ok though….all of it’s future Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's candy for the next X amount of years is mine…..

So I was inspired to take a simple pattern of one of little Miss O (yeah size 2T) dresses and use its as a base along with one of my shirts as a guide. Well first of all, I had way too much fabric I was working with. I am not a runway model skinny chick but I really didn't need all 4 yards that I had. Way Way too much. That coupled with I have no experience at all at what I am doing,  I also have no real “cutting” area other than my floor, which isn’t the most helpful place. I keep telling myself it isn’t my techniques that are so terrible (which is probably the actual problem) but that it is the AREA I have to work with that is the problem. Also the fact that I wanted to just “whip something up” with little thought and time consumption, I don’t know why I didn’t think I had a disaster in progress. I mean I could see myself walking into church Sunday night with ohhs and ahhs of my cute little dress only to say…”oh this thing? I just whipped it up right before church”….HA. maybe one day.

No there are no pictures. The "event" lasted a little over an hour.  I would apologize, but after I barely got it over my head, it was so ill fitting that my sweet husband started laughing hysterically. At that point I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or be mad. Did it really matter that I took no measurements, use a real pattern or have any instruction? Do all of your seems have to line up? Do I really need a neckline? Do I really need a waistline? I thought it didn’t, but apparently I haven’t quite got to that level yet. I mean I thought all I needed was some elastic and a good belt to hold it all in. Not so much. Patterns seem to be my friend. Plus with adult clothing, there is just so much more fabric to deal with. Kids clothes are getting easier, as my kids are small and I don’t have fabric falling into my lap and floor as I try to sew.

Anyway…after all of those excuses(and I have more if those aren’t enough)  I have learned the following:

1) I am a project runway wannabe…meaning I can complete a garment in record time….just don’t expect anyone of any fashion style to be able to wear it.
2) I am completely and utterly impatient, which is not a plus when some things in sewing take many steps. They take those steps for a reason and I just need to grit my teeth and do it the “right” way as opposed to what I think is the quick and easy way. I haven’t even mastered the right way, so I don’t know why I think I can branch off and do my own thing.
3) Sewing is so therapeutic to me. Even with the dud I created, I am actually excited that I got to get a little sewing done and learned some things.
4) Even though I won’t be wearing the “gorgeous ill fitting” Chrissy Couture dress, I am already envisioning what I can make with it, which I believe will be a maxi skirt...(perfect for the spring/summer ahead of us). And this time I will take the time needed to do it the right way.

For more tips on how to be a better seamstress, just follow me….you will learn that you are probably WAY better of that you thought! Haha.

That’s all for now….I will photograph the  "ill fitting" when I deconstruct it to a skirt and try and share that with you all....

Until then....

Keep Calm…..and Make it Work.

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