Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Recap....

Testing……testing……anyone out there? No, I didn’t fall off the planet. Sorry for the lack of blog lately. I promise I have some good excuses. J

1.       This pregnancy has just zapped all of my energy.  Now that I am slowly moving into my second trimester in a week or so, Hopefully the energy will pick back up. Oh and all the nausea and sickness didn’t help.

2.       Holidays, holidays, holidays

3.       Snow and Snow and Snow.... (which really isn’t an excuse, but……)

So since I have a few tutorials waiting to finish and blog about, and the fact I haven’t posted in like 2 weeks, I thought I would just give you a photo blog of our lives the past few weeks.

Christmas Dinners

Get that Pumpkin Pie! (His Favorite)

Sissy liked it too,....but mainly the Cool Whip. :)

Christmas Morning! Merry Christmas!

Sleepy Christmas Morning!

Our First Snow this year. We didn’t get any last year and Noah was so excited to finally get to play in it this year. Little Miss O wasn’t sure what she thought of all of it.

He especially liked the eating part. Who didn’t love to eat snow as a kid?

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday time. I am back to work today and itching to get some sewing done. Oh by the way, got a new Sewing Machine for Christmas! So excited, but yet intimidated to learn this fancy new Singer Machine.

Until next time......

Keep Calm……and Carry On…. J


  1. Those snow pictures are too cute. Looks like they enjoyed it, or at least enjoyed eating it! My family has a singer sewing machine from my great grandma. We also have a brother sewing machine and I would prefer the singer machine any day. It's wonderful! Enjoy your new present. I'm sure you'll be a sewing whiz in no time.

    1. Hi Ann!
      Thanks for the sweet comment!
      I have been using my mom's Singer Machine for almost a year now. (she used it to sew me clothes 20 years ago!) I have loved sewing (trying to sew) on it (not only because I have finally figured it all out) but also because I know my momma used it for my things. I am still in the learning process of sewing, try to self teach, but it is great therapy! Lol :)