Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Disney Promised.

I promised a few weeks ago I would post the outfits I made for Livy for Disney. Where has the weeks gone? They just FLY by.

Side note: Project Run and Play is getting ready to start and I seriously want to sew along with it, but I can barely get behind my sewing machine once a week let alone post and outfit a week. I will let you know if I do end up making anything for it. It looks super fun!

So Disney Outfits!

The first one I made is SUPER EASY! You can do this too! I didn't take pictures of the process. Forgive me. If you have any questions just ask!

Find a shirt of your daughters that she can currently wear or is slightly larger. If you are doing a 2t-3t size like me, you can just use 2 fat quarters. At Walmart they are .97 cents each. I laid the fat quarter on top of the shirt around the waist line and then used some of the flair of the shirt to make an a-line skirt. I cut both of my pieces, sewed them together and then cut the shirt off an inch or so longer than where I was going to place the skirt. Sew right sides together and you are done. (Well unless you want to be really adventurous and add a ruffle on the bottom, you probably still have to hem it, then you really are done.) Its basically a skirt you are attaching to a shirt. She did wear this at Disney, but it was the day we were all viciously sick. If I catch her in it again, I will snap a photo. I love it cause its like a maxi dress!

The peasant Mickey Dress. (caution: bad lighting for photos ahead!)

I used a new pattern for this peasant dress from Scattered thoughts of a Crafty Mom. She has a free pattern here. I really liked using this pattern because the pattern I had been using (for the exact type of dress) was completely different. This one is so easy!

My plan was to make a tunic like top and then ruffle pants. Well lets just say the ruffle pants did not turn out. I couldn't figure out what I did wrong until last week. (oh and we have been HOME from Disney for how long now?) So I do see ruffle pants in the future, just have some more work to do on them.

Since I had made the peasant dress into a tunic like top, I needed something as it barely covered her bum. I scoured the house and I found an older pair of black knit tights. I chopped off the feet, added some hand pleated ruffles from ribbon and even hand sewed them! I would say it was because I was really into the details of it all, but the truth is, I couldn't get them to fit on my sewing machine! :)

So Here they are, all together.

She did look stinking cute as always. I just love when she wears something I have made. :)

Remember them here?

These pictures were after a small "accident". So the little capris were in the stroller.

What do you think? Easy enough right?

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Until next time....

Keep Calm.....and Disney it Up!.


  1. What cute outfits! And your little girl looks very happy to meet the princesses! Stopping by from Sugar Bee :)

    1. Thanks Andrea! She was a happy little girl! :) Thanks for stopping by! <3 xoxoxo