Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Me Sew Crazy about My Sew Mate

Sew, I got a new sewing machine for Christmas and it is now, um almost April. I just haven't had the time, or patience to get it out of the box and loaded on my sewing table. I mean I have projects that "HAVE" to be done and I can't use a new machine I know nothing about right??? What if I mess it up?

 I was at work yesterday and my sweet husband had the day off. Not only did he declutter the dining room, but he took it upon himself to open and unload my new machine and set it up on for me. Sweet huh?

Except now, I look at it on my little sewing table and just walk on past it. I am too scared to even turn it on. My old faithful (OK, my mom's machine) was so easy and basic. Switch it on, make sure its threaded and go. Yes it had about 8 different style stitches, which I used 2 of. Straight and Zig-Zag. This new machine has probably 60 different styles of stitches and a digital display and other things that make me nervous to even touch it. I guess I am going to have to sit down and look at the manual on how to use this "fancy" thing. I am not even sure where the "ON" switch is or what kind of bobbin it takes.

So although it was extremely sweet and generous for him to do that for me, now I worry I wont get anything sewn in fear of not knowing how to operate such a fancy new machine.

How hard can it be right?

Until next time...(and hopefully will have sewn something on the new machine)

Keep Calm....and just go for it.

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