Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mickey, Minnie, Princesses, Oh My!

We are finally settled (somewhat...OK not really at all, but just run with it) back from vacation. I am probably the only one in the world who looks forward to going on vacation as much as looks forward to getting back home and on a routine schedule again. I mean after so many days at Disney Parks, my body was yelling REST! But how can you rest when you are at the most "magical place on earth"??

We were not supposed to leave until Saturday morning, but the vacation bug hit my husband early since he didn't have to work on Friday and wanted to leave the night before. My slight OCD told me no, but I agreed and we spent all evening Thursday night packing, (you know cause I am one of those people who wait to the last minute to do everything). Now I remember why I hate packing. So much stuff! ha. Oh and because I hadn't had a chance, I sewed up 2 outfits for Miss Livy. They were basic and easy. I tried my first attempt at ruffle pants. I don't know what I did wrong, but they were not going over Miss O's little hips and thighs. I'll show those to you in the future post in more detail. (but you will be able to spot one of them below).

So we hit the road on Friday as soon as he picked me up from work. So yes, I had to trust he got everything I requested along with everything I had personally packed. First I find out that he got a new shirt and sunglasses. When I asked where my camera was, I got the "uh oh.../oops" look. Well I guess the IPhone camera will have to work. After driving through the rain for hours we finally made it to Disney.

What's Disney for the Girls without some Princess time?

Of course we saw characters. Mainly at the "Character meals". They should really change the name of these. For Instance, we ate at Chef Mickeys for Breakfast and its called a Character Breakfast. It really should be called, "There are characters and you children may eat breakfast, but its unlikely". My title may not fit on the brochure, but it is the truth.

 If I am throwing in my Disney expertise here as well. Check the menu before you book a character meal. Just because Noah and Olivia are living it up with the Disney Junior Characters, you may be sneaking their chicken nuggets to avoid the other menu items. (but I am not a huge fancy cuisine person either.)

Unfortunately a a day or so before we came home, hubby and I got extremely sick. We still don't know if it was food poisoning or what, but that amounted to a whole day stuck in a hotel room instead of going to Epcot and eating with the Princesses. We felt bad that we had to miss, but the kids had already done so much that we knew they would survive.

When we left, we hit New Smyrna beach near Daytona on the way home.

Hubby had never been to the Ocean so he was just amazed when we got there.

It was beautiful. It was only in the 60's that day and I take my cardigan everywhere. The kids seemed completely content even if it was a little cooler. It was a beautiful time and the beach was all ours!

So we finally got back home and I think I need to have a laundry party. I have too much to do in the next few months getting ready for Baby.

Until Next time,
Keep Calm and Don't get caught stealing a chicken nugget. :)

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