Friday, March 15, 2013

PJ Pants Refashioned

So while one of my good friends and I were thrifting months ago, I came across a super fun printed pajama pants. They were not my size but I LOVED the pattern. (plus, I am a major thrifter, but Pajamas and undergarments is where I usually draw the line).

They were maybe a $1.00, I can't imagine paying more for that for them. The textile is so lightweight and soft, but I couldn't tell you what it is. My intention from the beginning was to make a super cute scarf out of it. After I purchased them, I couldn't wrap my mind around putting something around my neck near my face that possibly has been near someone else's bum. Even after washing I just couldn't do it. So it sat.

I noticed last week that the little pattern almost looked like little clovers. Wouldn't it be perfect for Livy for St. Patricks day? So I got to looking at the pant legs and realized that the width of the pant legs was just SLIGHTLY larger than Miss O's waist. So I measured how long I wanted a skirt to be, cut it straight across and cased some elastic in the top. Skirt done! I was able to use the hem at the bottom and the sides were already sown.

Now for a top. Hmmmm. I looked through my fabric stash, which is full of patterned prints. I have a sickness for print. I just can't help it. I am not against pairing prints, but I had nothing of cohesion so I decided to take the other pants leg and try to fashion a top out of it. Keeping the hem at the bottom, I cut out the bodice and sleeves.

I used the peasant dress piece to cut the armholes and sleeves. Since I have done these a few times now, it is the easiest "bodice" I have made. When done the shirt was a little (ok a lot) short, but I figured that the skirt was a little longer than necessary and I could just pull the skirt up a little higher. Right?

Here Livy is dressed in her new outfit. I love her model poses. She just does that same hip pop every time I bring the camera up. So cute....ok I Digress....

5 minutes of wearing it around the house however......(sorry pics are kind of dark)

We get a cropped top and a long skirt. That little cute belly just hangs out. I will probably just remedy with attaching them and then maybe adding a cute accent belt.

So the refashion was still successful, but we need some additional alterations. (Oh and since I only used the legs of the pants, I wasn't as creeped out as if I would have used the waist/bum/bottoms) :)

What do you think?

I love refashioning! It takes half the time as starting from scratch. I mean both of these pieces MAYBE took an hour. I think that's a record folks!

Until next time,

Keep Calm and Refashion.....

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