Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fiber One Cookies

Friends I need to let you in on a little bittersweet secret of mine. 

Fiber one cookies.

Only 120 calories per cookie and they are soft, chewy, and delicioso!

And hey 5 box tops! (Does anyone even save these anymore??)

Oh and they have fiber, which in important to maintain a healthy belly right? I mean that's what we are told at least. I'm sure there are studies that prove or disprove everything I mention and I'm completely ok with that. 

Problem though. (Cue dramatic music) Only 6 come in a box and I've ate like 2 a day. Which lets be real. I've ONLY at 2 a day. I really should be proud of myself. 

However, needless to say, they are gone and I don't think my belly appreciates all the fiber I've blessed it with the last 3 days. 

Moderation people.

(Pulls out megaphone)

Moderation Chrissy!!! Have I taught you nothing??!?!

 I should have just bought a package of chewy chips ahoy and been done with it. It certainly would have been cheaper, and I'd still have some left. But I guarantee a package of those is way more than 720 calories. 

The good news is if you can control yourself to eat just one a day or when you need a sweet pick me up treat, it's the perfect little bit of amazing to do that.

Maybe it's better they are gone and I have no more temptation. 


That is what I will tell myself at least. 

So don't go buy them if you have little to no self control over chocolate chip cookies. You are thinking you are doing good by buying the "healthier ones" but if you eat them all in one sitting, well you aren't helping the problem. You are just creating a new problem. "Binge fiber cookie eating."

Good luck my friends. I'm struggling at this too some days! Chocolate chip cookies are my kryptonite. 

Well that and Starbucks Mocha Frappachinos. 

Keep calm.....and you might as well go ahead and finish that box. 


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