Friday, January 2, 2015

Giving The New Year a Break



Now choruses of Old Lang Synge can begin, everyone can name off their new resolutions for the year and begin loading up on all the new goals they are setting.

I usually take part in the fun of making a resolution. I, of course like most people, end up never changing the habit, lifestyle, or task that I find myself so concerned about on Jan 1. It's fun to see people with the spunk to see change though. Whether its in their own lives (usually health) or whether it is spiritual, financial, spend more time with family, or spend more time unplugged from the constant "tap tap/scroll scroll" motion we all know too well on these smart phones. Its energizing to see someone so motivated.

Can you imagine if we took the same energy as "I'm going to the gym everyday in the new year" to "I am going to tell at least one person about Jesus everyday in the new year". Ouch. That one was even hard for me - But I digress as this specific post isn't about whether or not you plan to make spiritual changes in your life. (but you totally should think about it, because I know I am)

I decided for once I was giving New Years the day off. Yep, that's right. No resolution, no promises that I make just to 'have one', no swearing off chocolate or soda for the rest of my days. No pressure and let me tell you.......It was the "BEST (new years) DAY EVER" - (and if you read that as Rapunzel you get a cookie)

You see, the new year came in for me a little different. I woke up with some physical ailments including a sinus cold, some aches and very little sleep from the night before. I decided that it was ok for me to eat a half a container of French onion dip, stay in my pj's all day, NOT go workout or go to the gym (GASP), drink a diet coke or 5, snuggle with my children, sit with my family while laughing and crying in the same movie, have a bowl of ice cream at bedtime....I could go on and on. See for me, this year, I decided to not put the pressure on New Years Day anymore. I have never had a more relaxed, carefree and happy new years day. Are there things about myself or my marriage, family, finances etc that I would like to change?


Since I started to lose weight a year or so ago, I learned that you make the changes you want and you learn to live with the ones you don't. The "day" you make them is not as important as setting a goal and sticking to it. My type of change this year isn't going to be to achieve something renowned. Maybe I am just ready to re-prioritize a bit.

So while I gave N.Y. Day a break this year, there are great things to come for this year that I look forward to. Instead of planning my life around what I want to be able to fit into by summer, or the perfect family vacation I want to plan and enjoy once we meticulously save up enough money each paycheck, I am looking forward to the excitement from my children yelling "Mommy's home" as I get in from work or the "mommy can we snuggle" question that I get asked most nights, or the "can you watch me do this/that" that normally pull at this mom of 3 that barely has time for herself, let alone snuggle and play with children when ..........

laundry is overflowing, seriously can wear that shirt more than once.....
dishes need washed, Why didn't we buy more paper plates?
I think the fridge has something growing in it that you know can't be good,
I think I forgot to empty the trash from the kids' bathrooms and isn't it trash pick up day?; Fabulous.
Oh now no toilet paper in there either? How they remember to wipe but forget to flush amazes me.
And what about diaper rash cream? Do we have any left for the baby? She can't be without it.
And speaking of the baby, I need to sweep the floor AGAIN where she has learned the new game of "lets drop food so Mom will pick it up game".....and....
lets see....

STOP Mom Brain!

This is how my mind runs most of the time and its very rare it isn't plaguing me to get up and do something else other than enjoy simply what I have and who I have to spend my time with.


So enjoy your break new years day.....and maybe everyday after that. Who knows, I might just give "the pressures of life" a mini-vacation for a while.

I'm ready to make changes. Are you?

Just kidding, I am going to eat some cookies.

Keep Calm......And Enjoy the little things along the way.

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