Monday, August 6, 2012

Craziness and now school starting....but a little secret photoshoot.

Sorry I have been a little blog MIA. I have been extremely busy and haven't even had a chance to get in front of / behind my sewing machine. I plan to end that streak tonight.....however pre-school is beginning for Noah next week and we have a few things to still get for him..... I miss my little Singer. :)

I took some pictures for a friend over the weekend. Its a surprise present for her hubby so don't tell him! It was a blast and since she is gorgeous they turned out amazing. Here are a few ...well most of my was too hard to choose!


 I loved this shot. I said, "lay in the floor and look up an me, yes on your dirty nasty floor(inside joke to my OCD cleaning friend). I love the way it turned out!! EEeeep!

Gina is so lovely. Seriously this is just her normal not smiling face. She made this shoot so easy!

My paris-envisioned shots....perhaps to put in the Sa-lon...

 Then we went outdoors.....Oh my they just kept getting better and better!

 And my swooning favorite. This little Fairy Wilderness is located right next to her house. It was getting dreadfully warm out but I happened to look over and see this stump. When I turned around to ask if she would do a few more, before I got the words out she said, "what about that stump over there?" We are seriously twins separated at birth. Except she is blonde and gorgeous....and I'm pretty much a psycho brunette.


I love being behind my camera as much as my sewing machine these days. Maybe more! (Shhhhh, don't tell my Singer machine....)

Hope you enjoy these. And yes the photo above is SUPPOSED to have those light circles on there. Its a photo filter I added. I love it with it on it. Makes it so much more enchanted looking.

Always Remember....

Stay Calm.......and take some time to do something you love....

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