Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday, School and Couture Dreaming.....

So, I haven’t stepped off the seems that way at times though..... I sincerely apologize for not blogging as much as I need to. I really want to do more, but what do you say. Life Happens. I am just lucky if I can snap a picture here and there to capture it.

Here is a rundown of my week since the last blog post….

Dreaming of Couture......

Sigh....what a dream....

Turned the big 29! For the first time....and probably not the last! :)

Yes that shoe is gum paste....amazing right?

Noah started 4 year old Pre-school. One more year before Kindergarten.... sniff.

 Poor sissy girl couldn't understand why she didn't have a backpack. Of course we got Noah a Cars backpack that he wanted. No Spiderman could be found. Well then Grandma found a Spiderman one and got it. Spoiled much?

Other funnies of the week......Olivia Modeling for me....

Then Noah had a field trip with the daycare and got these teeth. Silly fun.

My Goodwill outlet find. I loved it, but didn't keep it. Just bought it to resell.

 Fashion Alert for Fall! Got your boots ready? You know we do!


 Current Music Obsession....Karmin. Check them out!

Maybe I will get a tutorial up soon of something fun, until then....

Stay Calm....and enjoy the last few days of Summa!

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