Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wedding do over........

I watched my wedding video last night. My husband had found it as it had gone MIA and so we sat and watched it around 10:00pm last night. I understand that it was 10 years ago, and everyone looks younger, and some special people aren't with us anymore, but I remembered watching it and feeling kinda sad. Where was Pinterest when I had my wedding? :)

Looking back now, I would do so many things different. I don't think anything would be the same..(well maybe the groom...haha :) Does anyone else fell like this? So here are my unofficial tips for planning a wedding and reception.
1. Spend the money for the photographer and videographer. Make this one of your biggest expenses. In the end, its the only keepsake you will have left. I think our photographer was around 300$ for everything and let me tell you. It shows. We also had "Aunt B" video record it. I am thankful she did, or we wouldn't even have a video, but if I would have thought better, I would have spared the expense and just hired some professionals.

2. Save Money and take your time. We planned a wedding in 4 months. Something I would not recommend. Save, save, save. The last thing you want is to really want something and fall short have to do something different because the money is just not there. I relied too much...ahem...way too much on the "Parents of the Bride pay for the wedding". This limited me greatly in the things I wanted to do, because my parents simply couldn't afford a lavish wedding. Looking back I was extremely selfish and should have paid for most of it myself. There was no reason to burden my parents this expense.

3. Take your time and really think about your bridesmaids and groomsmen. I was really close to a couple of girls in college and so they of course were instantly my bridesmaids because they were my friends when I got engaged. Although I still love them to pieces, we have grown apart so much now that other than a facebook Hi once in a while, since we don't live close, we don't even really speak. This made me really sad. There are also a few people that I should of included that I didn't because I wasn't thinking clearly and I wish they would have been a part of my special day.

4. Make sure you are absolutely in love with your dress. Don't settle for what you can "afford" or what you think everyone else expects. I really loved my dress on the model in the magazine. I had to have it. It was "the dress".  I went and tried it on, and thought it was perfect, only to realize that it wasn't the perfect dress because of all the alterations I had to make to it. In the end, it looked nothing like the original dress...and It worked nicely....But it was on sale and I bought it on a whim. Do not do this.

5. Do what YOU want. No, no...let me say that again. Do what YOU want. Just cause Aunt Sally is graciously making your flowers for you, if you want a different style or color isn't just right, tell her! Don't be afraid to hurt her feelings. This is YOUR wedding. Most likely your only big wedding. You will regret it later if you please everyone else but yourself.

I don't know if anyone who reads this blog is wedding planning or not. It really doesn't matter. In the end, you need to do what you want in all matters of life....because you will wake up tomorrow and the chance will be gone...and you will have to write a blog telling others how to not make the same mistakes.....right?

Stay Calm....and You Only Live Once.....

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