Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh Where is my trusty Seam Ripper?

Sunday mornings can be rather chaotic in my house. If I would take the time to find and set out every one's clothes the night before, it might not be as bad, but usually I do have a good idea of what the children are wearing. Livy got a new dress (new to her) from a kids resale shop and I knew I was going to put her in it for Sunday School. The dress is sleeveless and as I was putting it on her, I remembered how cold it is downstairs where the children have Sunday school. I turn to her closet, drawers, baskets, and piles to try and find a small cardigan or undershirt so she won't freeze too bad. In the mountains of clothes she has, I could not find anything. I debated to just let her go without one because honestly, she has been many times with just a sleeveless dress on, but her arms are always freezing when they bring her up, so I was trying to be a good momma and make sure she was comfortable.

I searched again in another pile and I found a cute little cropped sweater that had originally came with another dress. That dress is either somewhere in a different pile or long gone as I can not remember "what" it specifically went to. Yes, unfortunately Livy has THAT many clothes. Between her being the only girl grand baby, & the youngest of all the grand babies, she gets many clothes from Grandma's and Aunts. She also receives fabulous hand-me-downs from some of my friends and so yes....this girl has clothes. This is in addition to all the clothes I need to clean out because they are too small, but when I try and work on all the piles and drawers I get a little overwhelmed......but I digress.....Did I need to get her a new dress? NO. but it was adorable and I had free credit at the store so I picked it up. I like dressing my real life baby doll at times too. (shhhhhhhh) I threw it on her and off to the car we went to get on the road to church.

So here is the dilemma. The dress is black and white with pink trim and the sweater is white but has a little purple bow sewn on it.  This will never work in my matchy matchy brain. And of course the way the children are dressed is a direction reflection on the parents. (at least my mind tells me this in regards to MY children). :)

 Well we can't have that. A five minute seam ripping Chrissy Couture session and we have a sweater that matches. It can now go on with anything! Universal. In my effort to hurry since church was starting, and I did this in the car before I brought her in, I nicked the fabric a few times. Patience is not my virtue. A few zig zag stitches will make it even more un-noticeable. I am sure I will get right to fixing that.....

I think I may just carry my seam ripper around with me all the never know when you may need it! ha. :)

Until next time....
Stay Calm.....and be ready for anything...

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